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2 hours ago, Giannis Diamantis said:

I don't understand why the Admins send your question here in the Parking Lot for Controversial Posts

I put it there myself Giannis to avoid it being separated from the various other questions on this theme.

I suspect it may attract some "controversial" responses, although nothing is guaranteed on the World News Forum!

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Question is good and normal.

"Controversy" came only from JWorg structural hierarchy that not allow questions. 

But now came on me also one thing. Bible have no report - did Adam or Eve asked any question about  anything to god. Is that not controversy also :))) 

Did they asked about tree, "apple", sex, purpose of life, snake that talks ... no, as far as book of genesis revealed about only two conversations that are mentioned and "inspired to be put on paper" we have this:

Snake/satan speaking with Eve and Eve asked NOTHING. After that we have second conversation of JHVH and Adam (not with Eve too, as second human in entire World ??!!) and Adam asked NOTHING. 

Asking is not something what is normal part of conversation as first days of human shows. Although after we have some bible reports on conversation between humans and god, and humans asking god, this is significant how in first days of human existence god not found any importance to put in bible did they and if they did, what Adam and Eve asking JHVH!

Does any have curiosity to ask JHVH about this in new paradise earth? :)  What if nothing controversial would not came from answers that god will give?    

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