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God’s Wondrous Works

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(Psalm 139)

  1. 1.O God, you know my rest and waking,

    When I lie down and when I rise anew.

    You search my thoughts, my inmost inclination,

    The words I speak, the ways I walk,

    you know them too.

    You saw when I was made in secret,

    My very bones not hidden from your sight.

    You saw my form; its parts were down in writing.

    I love the wonder of your ways

    and praise your might.

    Your knowledge, God, is wondrous, awe-inspiring;

    Of this my soul is very well-aware.

    If I should fear that darkness might enfold me,

    Your spirit, God, would find me, even there.

    Where could I hide from you, Jehovah,

    Or be concealed, be hidden from your face?

    Not in the Grave nor in the highest heaven,

    Not in the dark nor in the sea;

    there is no place.

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