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NEWS RELEASES | Nearly 400 Attend Open House at Jehovah’s Witnesses’ New World Headquarters

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The Witnesses hosted the first of two open-house receptions to thank local residents and others who supported the construction of their recently built headquarters facility. Source

Nearly 400 Attend Open House at New World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses.pdf  

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JW Open House

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES ARE CONDUCTING A SERIES OF OPEN HOUSES AT THEIR NEW HEADQUARTERS OUTSIDE NEW YORK CITY. The Jehovah's Witness denomination is among the most popular churches in the world. With over eight million members spread out over 80 countries, the group has a mission of perpetuating the Scriptures. Last year the Jehovah's Witness group decided to move their world headquarters from the Brooklyn region of New York to the Tuxedo-Warwick suburbs owing to their need for expansion and a more favorable religious location to house the 800 staff who work for the church.
The Jehovah’s Witnesses recently completed the construction of their headquarters. The buildings overlooking the blue sea of the Sterling Forest State Park are all state-of-the-art and eco-friendly, and the church wanted to showcase this to the community. Owing to that, the church set aside two Saturdays, April 22 and April 29, to show their appreciation to the community that has received the church warmly ever since construction began. “We wanted to thank the non-Witness locals and other parties for the warm support they have shown us since we moved to Warwick," Troy Snyder, facilities manager for the headquarters complex, said. Members of the surrounding communities received invitations to the open house held April 22. 395 invitees showed up to the open house, 205 being local residents and 190 being vendors and contractors who had collaborated with the church on the construction project. The Saturday open houses are particularly special because tours are normally only offered Monday through Friday. The attendees were all first treated to some light refreshments by the Jehovah’s Witness members. After that, the visitors were taken around the facility in a tour that lasted about forty minutes. Residents of the Tuxedo-Warwick area expressed their appreciation of the vision put into the building’s designs, saying it was of high quality. Furthermore, any fears that the local population had had concerning the effect on the construction of the headquarters were allayed. Some attendees attested that the building had been integrated into the environment of the area to the extent that even the effect on local wildlife was taken into account and reflected in the design. The tour included a video presentation and a session for making inquiries as well. The most interesting part of the open house was perhaps the three exhibits the headquarters houses. Guests were allowed to walk themselves through the exhibits for an hour each. The first of the exhibits was titled Bible and the Divine Name. It held rare Bible translations, Bible editions as well as unique Bible-related artifacts. The aim of the exhibition was to display how God’s “Jehovah” name was preserved. Exhibit two, A People for Jehovah’s Name, employed visual aids such as graphics, artifacts and personal testimonies to relay the history of the Jehovah’s Witness church. The last display was called the World Headquarters-Faith in Action exhibit, and it detailed the role of the Jehovah's Witness Governing Body in the promotion of scripture, faith, and love. Any non-Witness locals who did not attend last week’s event are invited by the church to do so this coming Saturday. For those unable to attend April 29, public tours of the facility are offered Monday through Friday.

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All the news from Babylon the Great can be had at babylonbee <dot> com. Here is the latest from them on Televangelist Binny Hinn's recent "open house" in Grapevine Texas.... *coff*

Benny Hinn Attempts Jedi Mind Trick On IRS Agents Investigating His Ministry

April 27, 2017

Benny-Hinn- 500 .jpg

GRAPEVINE, TX—As IRS and US Postal Service investigators swarmed Benny Hinn Ministries’ Grapevine office complex Wednesday, Benny Hinn himself stood nearby, utilizing a difficult, powerful Jedi mind trick on various government agents walking by in an attempt to dissuade them from investigating his ministry any further, sources confirmed.

“These aren’t the tax documents you’re looking for,” Hinn said calmly to a federal official carrying a large box of files and folders purportedly containing damning evidence of shady financial transactions on the part of the televangelist’s ministry. His mystical tone was accompanied by a slow wave of his hand as he closed his eyes in concentration.

“Sir, please just move out of the way so we can get these to our vehicle,” the IRS agent responded, according to those within earshot.

“I can go about my business,” Hinn replied, attempting to influence the agent’s actions with the mere power of his mind.

Exasperated, the agent attempted to plead one more time, but was interrupted by Hinn’s commanding voice, declaring, “Move along,” before he shook his head in frustration and just walked around the televangelist and prosperity gospel preacher.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed Hinn had attempted to blast the fleet of federal vehicles surrounding his ministry’s compound with a barrage of lightning from his fingertips, but had been unsuccessful.


In related news, also from babylonbee<dot>com ......

Panicked Kenneth Copeland Orders 15 Industrial Shredders From Amazon

April 28, 2017

NEWARK, TX—Having received a courtesy phone call from his friend Benny Hinn tipping him off to the federal government’s crackdown on Hinn’s ministry, a sweating, frantic Kenneth Copeland drove to his ministry headquarters Friday morning, sat down at one of his employees’ computers, and ordered 15 industrial paper shredders from Amazon, sources confirmed.

The shredders will reportedly be used to destroy millions of compromising financial documents. “They came for Benny, they’re coming for me,” the televangelist is said to have uttered as he typed ‘amazon.com’ into the web browser.

Scrolling through the various pieces of equipment available on the popular online storefront, Copeland filtered through dozens of lower-end, consumer-level shredders until a $24,000.00 industrial model that advertised the ability to shred up to 900 pounds of damning ministry tax documents per hour caught his eye.

“Perfect, this one can shred 500 incriminating files at once,” a nervous Copeland said as he perused the powerful, high-volume industrial paper shredder’s impressive statistics. “It can even get rid of 45,000 credit cards in an hour—that should do the trick.”

Adding the shredders to his cart and purchasing them on his ministry credit card, Copeland was then seen impatiently refreshing his Amazon tracking information, occasionally pacing to the window and nervously looking out the blinds at every passing helicopter and vehicle, sources confirmed.

kennet copeland - 500.jpg

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