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Jehovah's Witnesses Our Christian Life Meeting 18 May 2017

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    • By Nicole
      Young Ones—Do Not Seek Great Things for Yourselves: (15 min.) Play and discuss the video Young People Ask—What Will I Do With My Life?—Looking Back
      Looking Back
      Many young people have had to decide how to employ their lives. Two Christians, think back to the decision they had to take when they were younger.
      Live, and raised in a religiously divided family, and his relatives who were not witnesses, encouraged him to become a career in the American football world.
      Susan, had embarked on a career in the music world when I started studying the Bible.
      I loved football, to tell the truth I loved every aspect of it. I loved strong emotions, racing, and action.
      Well, I was literally kidnapped by the work. I love classic music, it makes you feel the contact with the audience, and it’s great.
      I was third in a national standings, and my name was on the front page in sports newspapers.
      I debuted as a professional at Eugene in Oregon, I participated in programs for young artists in the Central City opera, and at the Oldenburg Festival. I also sang at the Tangwood Festival.
      Received offers from the best universities, but I chose to visit U.S. January 12, 1990. We went to the stadium, told me that thousands of people would shout my name. Then I saw a word with my name, and on the board we read, Live we want you, and I thought I was too loud.
      I was baptized on July 31, 1993. I was beginning to have doubts about my career in the world of work. There was a scripture that was very important to me, 2 Corinthians 5:15: “That we may live no longer for ourselves, but for the one who died for us.” This writing strikes me deeply because then I lived for myself.
      My father talked to me about biblical principles concerning worldly companies, and the atmosphere that breathes in the world of football. Then he made me think about what I wanted to do in the future, saying that if I wanted to serve Jehovah, I could not do both of these things.
      Turning Point
      During my return journey, I gave informal testimony to the lady sitting beside me. At some point I said, look a bit, you’re trying to explain to her, how she should live, just you.
      I realized that singing did not give me the joy of once, and I thought, no one obliged me to continue, so I decided to leave the music. …….
      Jehovah Does Not Forget Your Love.pdf
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