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Calf born with ‘human face’ treated as incarnation of Hindu god in India

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This is why we have  an education program because people are so ignorant and superstitious.  Thank you Jehovah for looking after our needs as your people and appointing a slave to give us food at the proper time - not only us but to those in the entire world who have a hearing ear..

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Another racist religion.  The whiter you are the higher cast you are.  The lower casts were killed if they looked at higher cast and could not improve themselves because it was believed that they were wicked in a previous life and for this reason they were born into a lower cast.  They had to live out their punishment without improvement.  Read up about the untouchables....... Women too were viewed as lower.  In many families the holy animals received food  before the women did.... women were fed last and were often starving.... so I would say it is not a  weird religion but downright without justice.... A religion made by humans under direction of satan. Oppressive and hence we see the tremendous suffering and honor killings which is still part of the culture.

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