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My friend will soon be imprisoned for keeping neutrality and...

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My friend will soon be imprisoned for keeping neutrality and faith here in South Korea. Some brothers recommeded to him to read the Watchtower’s study articles for the last 20 years while in prison. It is a good idea! So he and other brothers are preparing to do that for their eighteen month prison sentence. But prisons have regulations about books. Each brother can have just a few little books in prison and not years of bound volumes. How can they do that? They collect the study articles from the Watchtower Library. Finally, they printed just 4 small books (about total 3,000 pages). They contain the study articles for 27.5 years and all “Questions from readers(1970—)”, “Did you know?(2008~)” articles. I hope that Jehovah will help their efforts and protect brothers in prison. Shared by @jw.hyunsu

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