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That is beautiful and a great idea for our Bible ❤ (also as present)

Queen Esther

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That  is  beautiful  and  a  great  idea  for  our  Bible ❤ I  LOVE  THIS  BOOK  -  WRAPPER !    A  NICE  PRESENT...

Thank you for the links!  I really like that style of cover that you can just slip your Bible into.  I'll keep looking.  

A  THANKS  to  Sister  'Bible Speaks'  for  the  2 links !   Self-searching  was  of  course  a  quickly  idea   -  But  I  wait  of  a  special  answer  for  these  beautiful  Bible - wrapper  which  I  posted.  Seems  so,  it  doesn't  give  that  online   thats  sorry,  yes !     But  the  other  Bible - bindings  also  nice,  more  for  on  the  way.... ( For  home  its  nicer  such  a  book - wrapper. ) But  I  still  saw  other  Bible  covers....   here  the  links :    / many  o

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