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Tesla Model 3 news coming this Sunday, July 2, says Musk


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Elon Musk tweeted at a Tesla fan this morning who was begging for an end to Model 3 speculation that we would be getting news about the widely anticipated vehicle’s release this Sunday.

The tweet could be in reference to Sunday, July 2 being the day when Model 3 factory production begins, or, the day Musk will announce when the highly anticipated Model 3 final unveiling event will take place.

As we previously reported, analysis by Teslanomics shows that the introduction of the Model 3 in 2017 will single-handedly result in a 40% increase in US EV sales this year, so to say that news of its release will cause a feeding frenzy is an understatement.

silver-tesla-model-3-burbank-service-cen silver-tesla-model-3-burbank-service-cen silver-tesla-model-3-burbank-service-cen

Tesla Model 3 spotted for the first time in Los Angeles on June 26, 2017

The vehicle is expected to have roughly 400,000 pre-orders, and July has been pegged for some time as the month for big announcements regarding the much anticipated vehicle.

2017 will be a big year for Model 3, but the real action will ignite in 2018 as Model 3 production peaks. Several hundred thousand vehicles are expected to be delivered across the world by the end of 2018. Tesla has shared that it will produce roughly 100,000 of its Model S and X vehicles from its Fremont factory and another 400,000 Model 3s next year, which will dwarf 2017 delivery numbers in comparison.

Recent spy shots of Tesla’s Model 3 revealed the location for its retractable coat hook, dome lights and a glove box button.

Teslanomics wisely played off the consumer desire for this product by creating its own delivery estimation calculator. Users can go directly to the tool and enter information including the time of the reservation, where you are and if you are a current Tesla owner.

The delivery estimator crunches this data and gives an estimate of not only when your vehicle should be delivered, but when production of the vehicle will start. The tool also analyzes the proximity to the Tesla Fremont factory for delivery time, with a 5 day delivery time for California customers and upward of 41 days for customers in Japan.

While we appreciate the efforts and analysis, we know that nothing is quite as satisfying as words from the man himself. We will keep our eyes on Musk’s Twitter feed, so keep checking Teslarati for Sunday’s announcement.


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