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Do You Love Money? - Is Money Your Master or Your Servant? – ??⚖️??

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Do  Love Money? - Is Money Your Master or Your Servant?


DO YOU suffer from money sickness syndrome? Reportedly, this condition afflicts a large percentage of the world’s population. What is it?


“The love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10, King James Version)


Some people have indeed developed a fondness for money and have devoted themselves to the accumulation of riches. Some have become slaves of money and have reaped tragic consequences. When managed properly, however, money can be a useful tool. The Bible acknowledges that “money solves a lot of problems.”—Ecclesiastes 10:19, (Holy Bible—Easy-to-Read Version)


Although the Bible does not claim to be a financial handbook, it does contain practical advice that can help you to manage money wisely. The following five steps are commonly recommended by financial advisers, and they are consistent with principles recorded in the Bible long ago.


What is your attitude toward money? How does the volatile nature of the world’s economy affect you? Is money your master or your servant? Perhaps you do not experience the symptoms of the so-called money sickness syndrome. Still, whether wealthy or poor, we are all vulnerable to the ill effects of money worries. Consider how adjustments in the way you handle your finances may bring you more peace of mind and a happier life.


Money may be your master if . . .

□ ?You avoid discussing finances because of the anxiety it causes

□ ?Money is often the subject of family squabbles

□ ?You spend compulsively

□ ?You worry constantly about bills

□ ?You are not sure how much you earn

□ ?You are not sure how much you spend

□ ?You are not sure how much you owe

□ ?Your bills are often bigger than what you expect

□ ?You often pay your bills late

□ ?You are able to make only the minimum payment on credit card bills

□ ?You pay your bills with money earmarked for other things

□ ?You take on extra work just to pay bills

□ ?You have taken out new loans to pay off old ones

□ ?You use savings to pay routine bills

□ ?You find it nearly impossible to get to the end of the month without running out of money

□ ?You feel pressure to accumulate large sums of money

□ ?You suffer physical and/or psychological symptoms resulting from money-related stress


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