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Daily text, Wednesday, July 12. 2017

Queen Esther

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Become imitators of God.—Eph. 5:1.

Our being able to conceive of events that we have not lived through can help us to imitate Jehovah’s wisdom and foresee the probable results of our actions. If Jehovah chooses to do so, he can foresee in detail the results of certain actions. We do not have that degree of foresight, but we do well to think about what could happen as a result of what we are about to do. To imitate God’s wisdom, we would do well to think about or even visualize the likely consequences of our actions. If we are courting, for example, we need to recognize the power of sexual attraction. Never would we make plans or do anything that could endanger our precious relationship with Jehovah! Instead, let us act in harmony with these inspired words: “The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, but the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences.”—Prov. 22:3. w15 5/15 4:10, 11


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