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Scuffles break out between Erdogan supporters and pro-Kurdish group in London...


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The Kurds have been murdered by Saddam Hussein, ISIS and Erdogan.   So sad..... Erdogan's government is a law unto itself and it has religiously nationalistic citizens who want the next Islamic Caliphate to come from Turkey.

Turks support Erdogan because they want Turkey "great again."   This is coming at great cost because anyone who just whispers opposition to Erdogan is imprisoned and tortured or lose their jobs etc.

I read an article which indicates that he has spies in Germany and all over Europe to spy on Turks who oppose him and take secret measures to silence opposition.   

He recently sent envoys to Two European countries to drum up support for the upcoming election and when these countries refused him to lobby in their country he called them "Nazies... Ironic that people cannot see what they are!

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