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Tesla Model 3 “000316” VIN suggests more than 300 cars already produced


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Photos that surfaced on Reddit of a pearl white Tesla Model 3 indicate that it’s the 316th Model 3 to come off the factory line, according to the VIN number ending in “000316” seen in the photos.

With 316 Model 3 cars already produced, and likely more by the day, it would validate CEO Elon Musk’s recent reveal that production is going smoothly and “ahead of schedule”.

Musk’s initial tweets about the exponential Model 3 production ramp were received by many as an indication that 100 vehicles would be available by August, 1,500 by September and 20,000 cars would be produced per month by December.

However, with the surfacing of the 316th Model 3 vehicle produced, it would appear that he meant 100 vehicles would be produced per week in August, a production goal that has already been met since Tesla began manufacturing last Friday.

tesla-model-3-vin-316-production-150x150 white-tesla-model-3-chargeport-door-hing white-tesla-model-3-aero-wheels-2-150x15 white-tesla-model-3-bakersfield-sighting white-tesla-model-3-trunk-bakersfield-si white-tesla-model-3-aero-wheels-150x150. white-tesla-model-3-bakersfield-sighting

Despite bubbling reports of issues related to supply of Model 3 display, Tesla is continuing to produce its mass market electric sedan at a rate that is in line with Musk’s goal of pumping out 20,000 vehicles per month by December.

The photos, which began with a high resolution close up of a matte grey wheel rim, stirred discussion as Redditors debated new features like an automatic charging flap.

“I can say the charging flap is automatic,” wrote WattLOL8, who posted the photos. “It flips upward as the button is pressed on the supercharging cable.”

Others speculated about the wheel design, saying the gray finish could be a wheel cover that can be easily replaced if they end up being scratched.

As production continues, excitement has stirred over the July 28th Model 3 delivery event in Fremont, CaliforniaThe highly anticipated event will feature a hand off of the Model 3 to the first 30 owners as well as a presentation from Musk on Tesla’s grand vision for a sustainable future.


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