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Russian Embassy Press Release


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You rang? Who's accused of ad hominum attacks this time? TrueTom? TrueTom???!!

5 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

as once again you switched to an ad hominum attack to NOT answer the question ....

Sigh....Alright, who was he speaking to? JTR? JTR???!!

Case dismissed!!

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There is a very simple test to see if the allegations that the Society confiscates private property of its followers is true ... or is NOT true. The Brothers (and Sisters) who saved up or borrowe

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After REPEATED requests for a specific scripture that would show that what is going on today with the confiscation of Kingdom Halls by the WTB&TS is the same thing as what the ancient Jews were griping about ... and your REPEATED refusal to provide a simple scripture that would in reality show the cases are related .... AND .. you having to again fracture your personality with a fake ego to be able to reply at all .... with a complete fantasy .... may I suggest that what you are doing is warping and bending reason, logic, and reality even worse that what the Russians  are being accused of.

It is quite clear that Branch Offices, Bethels, and World Headquarters belong to the WTB&TS or affiliate corporations .... but Kingdom Halls USED to belong to each Individual Congregation ... until they were turned into perpetual profit centers by confiscation by the Governing Body.

Those are the FACTS !

Your multiple personality agenda driven fantasies are only that ... fantasies.


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I though this was a discussion forum, not a shouting match between to lions, ok? This was about the press release, how did we digress to property rights and such? Any one here a realtor and been in the truth over 50 years? Or even further, when halls were built by the local congregation, loans bought by the local banks and paid by the congregants, not by the Society. Alll we did was to be sure we did not smear the name of the Watchtower Bible Tract Society of New York, which we were affiliated. Until recently did we become the Christian Congregations of Jehovah's witnesses, worldwide. Loans were bought out by the Society and then forgiven. The building and the land it was built on became the property of the Society. I thought everyone knew this?!?

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And I said much earlier that I would find Lord Ahmad's comments that spurred the embassy's response in the press release.

This case could be taken to the ECHR, which ruled a previous attempted ban on Jehovah's witnesses in Russia unlawful in 2010, but the court has no power to enforce its decisions and Russia could ignore any verdict.

The British Government(HMG) previously said it was "alarmed" by the ban and called on Vladimir Putin to uphold religious freedom. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the minister for human rights, said he was "deeply concerned" by the appeal's rejection in light of Russia's public commitment to freedom of religion.

"This ruling confirms the criminalization of the peaceful worship of 175,000 Russian citizens and contravenes the right to religious freedom that is enshrined in the Russian constitution, " he added.

"The British Government continues to call upon the Russian Government to uphold its international commitment to this basic freedom."

Thus the response from Russia!

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2 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

may I suggest that what you are doing is warping and bending reason, logic, and reality even worse that what the Russians  are being accused of.

Nonsense. Are you in jail? Has your home been burned down or confiscated? Have you been fired?

But now this lion will become a kitty cat. Sorry. Assuming no more....

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On 7/24/2017 at 8:35 AM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

The Brothers (and Sisters) who saved up or borrowed money to build their Kingdom Halls locally, and used their sweat and time to build it .. often with the help of Friends ... do they specifically have the right to sell it as they see fit, and use the money as they see fit?

Yes, or no?

Why would they want to? Is it not a house of worship?

Would you transform yours into a "JTR'S INSPIRATIONAL SAYINGS" storefront?

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4 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Perhaps they want to sell their Kingdom Hall to build a

different one ... for any NUMBER of reasons.

Like what? Seriously, how can anyone bellow over this?

Or maybe - not only should Kingdom Halls be separate entities, but congregation members should have leather jackets with their names emblazoned thereon.

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IN PRINCIPLE ... how would YOU like it if you saved up your money, and worked hard for years to afford a down payment on a car, and financed the rest of the balance through the Rochester, NY Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Co, on Monroe Avenue, and just as you had it about half paid off,  you got a letter from the Bank saying your LOAN HAD BEEN FORGIVEN ?

Pretty neat, eh!

BUT .. they mention that you have NO CHOICE in the matter ... and that you are expected to make EQUIVALENT PAYMENTS for the rest of YOUR LIFE.

AND ... you have NO RIGHT to sell your property anymore ... because it is now THEIR property, and they can sell it anytime they want without compensating you in any way. 


I am very fond of certain Congregations that were very kind to me .... and before I married Susan,  I had often thought of leaving my estate to them ... but under the current arrangement that is COMPLETELY out of the question ... as it is NOW subject to confiscation. 

I try to be a man if IDEAS, and not people, and this to me is THEFT. 

Even worse ... it is ALSO involuntary perpetual enslavement similar to the IRS.

I suspect Susan will live about 28 years after I am dead, and I will ask her to bequeath whatever stuff is left over after she dies to the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which paid the bills for my first wife, until she died.

There are INFINITE reasons ... all personal to each individual ... why this usurpation and theft might be objectionable .... and all which can be easily disregarded if we are just sheep to be sheared.

Perhaps I should be thankful that we are not being killed and eaten, figuratively speaking.

Of course, that only happens to OTHER Brothers, so it does not affect us.

(That was biting satire ... for those in Rio Linda...)



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