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Special counsel Robert Mueller has launched a grand jury in the Russia investigation, Wall Street...


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Watched a video on Trump's connections with other billionaires who are known for many unscrupulously shady dealings and many of them are also connected to Putin or former Russian states. Son in law Ja

Russia ( it seems ) has created its own Internet to be free om the world internet and its possibilities of hacking.  They are preparing for the future while USA is in chaos. Russia's monetary system m

Special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington, D.C. to investigate allegations of Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections. 

Grand jury subpoenas have been issued in connection with a June 2016 meeting that included Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer.

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Watched a video on Trump's connections with other billionaires who are known for many unscrupulously shady dealings and many of them are also connected to Putin or former Russian states. Son in law Jared Kushner as well. All these baddies have shares in each other's companies and have money laundering services in Netherlands to bring in money from other countries to invest. Trump  apparently has declared bankruptcy 6 times and after this he manages to  immediately open a new business with investors.  Americans do not invest in his companies but secret money comes in from former Soviet states.  There is no way I can verify this .... but these shady people were thoroughly investigated by journalists who have followed their dealings and how they manage to lie and get out of trouble. Trump denies knowing these shady partners but old photos always seem to appear where he has been seen in their company or there are reports of business with them in the news or by friends.......

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Russia ( it seems ) has created its own Internet to be free om the world internet and its possibilities of hacking.  They are preparing for the future while USA is in chaos. Russia's monetary system may also become totally independent with their partners (their own money exchange on internet ) which will protect them in ways the money of the West is not not. (I am thinking this is viable - there is no way I can prove this! but) - their internet hacking capabilities and disruption of Western business and processes is just the beginning (cyber warfare) and the nationalism in Russia is at all time high.  All kinds of propaganda and false news is circulating the internet with false Russian (government) personas everywhere who is getting into Western systems. This may be the beginning of a different warfare! to weaken the US government ....and the entire West responds with Google and FB just removing all hate speech directed at Muslims!

Russia is building alliances with strange bedfellows who love power (also behind those so-called religious governments lie a lust for power).  The West is open for chaos..... most people who are not absolutely- blind- militant- far-left are seriously radicalized far -right with militant terrorists hiding in every dark corner doing their business out in the open and no proper Western counter measures in place (or the will) to stop what is going on.  It leaves the West (Europe, UK, Canada, Australia) open for total anarchy in future...

Satan will use religion to ride the "beast" and then they will turn on her when security is almost impossible for its citizens.

USA dollar is shaky - it is the dollar exchange rate for oil which is keeping it afloat - and US is not investing in the technologies of the future..... it is inward looking.  Europe is getting rid of electricity production from coal etc and investing in new technologies..... New technologies are being developed in China and other countries.....and will soon be able to sell it cheaply. USA......is running on its glory of the past and it owes trillions of dollars..... and when things get really bad the government will take people's life savings to keep things afloat...... so your savings may be down the tubes.  

China is already producing its own mobile phones which can compete with anything on the market in USA and they have control in Africa (stripping Africa) for its minerals and trees - anything worth selling from Africa. They also have a relationship with North-Korea - which is sitting on untouched mineral deposits for mobiles etc.

And finally - we have a leader in USA who is a liar and a crook who has managed to get away with shady business dealings for a very long time.  The establishment wants him out!   And they will hound him until they get the evidence but the far right are just as dumb as the far-left!  They will protect him as much as they can-  and the judicial system is now in their hands.  During his campaign I was telling my husband that Trump was saying treasonous things but no-one called him out on it!

US has lost the respect it had in the world (the injustices perpetrated is shocking to all) and many other countries will watch with glee when they see her money and pride slowly sinking ...... but like many stupid people (Russia, Iran, Turkey etc.) they never reason that we are all connected in several ways and that we are ONE human race on this planet and we should care for each other...... because all need to have a little spot to survive and thrive.....Their attitude is divisive, egotistical and Satanic!

The economic migrants from Africa is proof that we are one family on earth and neglect in one part of the earth will bring woe to everyone else!

I am astounded at the power of the far-left in the universities with extreme Muslim organizations infiltrated in all important organizations everywhere (even in the UN)! So if they manage to bring down alt-Trump,  the next election may bring in the far-left with its humanism philosophies..... which is just as crazily incoherent (as the alt-right) in their alliances with the very people who want to take over the government.  Bernie and his Muslim friends will rule....... So is there a healthy choice for USA to survive the coming..... lamentable catastrophe ?  No - all logic and reasonableness has left the west and chaos is ensuing.....So the longer the steam pot is cooking.... the bigger the explosion.

Russia's economy is not doing fantastic and it is aggressively pushing nationalism - so it may start acting in unexpected ways to show its power (to satisfy its nationalistic adherents and take attention away from local problems). China is also flexing its muscles to show its power..... so they have nothing to lose once the Western markets have dried up... they will act aggressively too! At moment they are careful because of business interests but both China and Russia are expanding their merchandising tentacles to other more lucrative areas of the globe....

Drugs seem to be a very large problem in the world - all over.  Recently I read an article that there are thousands of jobs open in USA (many jobs where people must work with dangerous machinery) and they cannot find drug-free people to work these jobs!   Cartels are using the states where marijuana is legal to export it all  over.... 

The fact that people cannot distinguish between "right and wrong" any more because they do not know the Bible is bringing extreme woe to the earth and a free hand to Satan for total rulership.  He has been ruling behind the scenes but now it is all coming out in the open.... we will see it with our own eyes the difference between the righteous and the wicked.  Then they will persecute those who have a clean decent life...  I cannot help but see all of this in the light of bible prophecy because it proves that they bible has been right all along! Our faith and loyalty to Jehovah will not be in vain!

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