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Why do smart people use marijuana?

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Guest Nicole

to feel relaxed and get inspired to continue doing smart things :) 

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Thats  the  point,  I  agree  @Nicole   And  many  young  people  also  nosy  for  testing,  etc. ~  very  sad.  My  husband,  (sound - engineer)  told  me  in  the  past,  some  music-groups  consumed  (coce, snow)  in a  private  sound - studio,  to  get  inspired  and  for  playing /singing  smarter, as  you  commented, yes :)

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Hi Sister, please excuse me joining this conversation. I don't know how to contact you personally. The video below is from our local newspaper in East London. It has nice views of the Buffalo river harbour. I uploaded a picture to you a while ago.


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Down our way it's called 'The tree of knowledge'. Beginners only get into fits of laughter. If they are with others, everything they see makes them laugh. Even little things such as a bird sitting or an animal walking. When they are over that stage, and used to the drug they settle down to deep thought even to the point of inventing things, and they wonder why the world never thought of what they just discovered.

When out of that trance, say by the next morning, they still clearly remember that they received this new light, but cannot remember exactly what it was. This was explained to me many years ago by a person who eventually gave it up. It doesn't appear to be a drug that's habit forming, and mostly recreational.

It would be interesting if any brother or sister heard of similar experiences they can tell us about so that we can learn more about user experience.


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This is very true.

I myself, in 1969 ran an experiment on myself, back when I had a large reel-to reel tape recorder, with 8" diameter tape reels.

I had noticed that every time I drank Southern Comfort Whiskey, I would get dramatically smarter.

So one Friday after work, I set up my tape recorder and opened a new bottle of Southern Comfort whiskey ... and started drinking.

My goal was to transcribe the "Secrets of the Universe" as I got drunker and drunker, and in the morning, I would play the tape back, transcribe it into a best selling book, or perhaps benefit from the wisdom captured on tape.

The more I drank the smarter I got, and I was excited and kept talking, and drinking. Talking and drinking. Talking and drinking.

It was like having a Revelation from God!  The joy was palpable!

The next morning I woke up on the floor, and my tape recorder was going "flip-flip-flip-flip" as it was still running but had run out of tape.

After the room stopped spinning I re-wound the tape ... got a clean notebook and several pens, and started to write it all down. 

I remembered quite clearly the brilliance that I spoke as the night before the clouds of ignorance and darkness evaporated from my mind, and the complete clarity of thought ... intense and resolute!

I carefully listened to the tape for perhaps two hours,  I even heard when  I had fallen off my chair, and lay there on the floor ... silent.

It was just another incoherent drunk, babbling complete and utter nonsense.

How did I get smarter... you might ask?

I had definite proof that when drinking, what you THINK is going on is completely divorced from reality.

Did I learn this lesson?


But that is another story.

Why I am still alive is a complete wonder.




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18 minutes ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

I had definite proof that when drinking, what you THINK is going on is completely divorced from reality.

Mark Twain said something like: when I was 16 my dad was so ignorant I could barely stand to have him around. But when I was 21, I was amazed at how far the old man had come in such a short time.

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On 11/21/2018 at 5:52 AM, Health and Medicine said:


Many years ago, when it came to birds, an evolutionist reasoned the only answer is creation. Even God's angels were amazed, and shouted jofully. (Job 38:4-7) Watch the mating dance of the Great Argus:


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I remember when  we was young
Me and Colin had so much fun
Holding cameras and doin’ videos
Saw a Great Argus Pheasant Mating Dance with birds on their toes
But the biggest surprise I ever got
Was seein’ a thing called the Crocodile Chomp
While the other  birds were dancing  ‘round the Clock
We were recordin’ the stompin’ of  the Crocodile Chompin’


Crocodile Chomp   .jpg

Crocodile apologies to Colin Browne, and Elton John.

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