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Jack Ryan

How long would it take us to build an Egyptian pyramid with today's advancements?

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In order to answer that question you would need geology and soils reports for the construction site .... and develop from scratch a  complete set of plans of the structure to be built, "greased" the permitting process to a certainty ... surveys of the quarrys where the stone is sourced, and a staff of about 400 people in a building full of computers to do the cost estimates, bills of material, logistics planning, and manpower and tools and equipment acquisition and scheduling .  The list goes on, and on...and on.

The actual construction could be started as soon as foundation details were firmed up, and the rest of the design could be built as fast as the stone could be quarried. Machines would have to be invented and built to transport those stone up a 37 degree or so slope.

As an old grey man who has worked on projects that size much of my life, I give a conservative VERY rough guess of 11 years, and a cost of 3 trillion dollars.

It would be easier and quicker with telekinesis, but those skills have long been erased from the human gene pool.

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All_Gizah_Pyramids....   Our  people  not  able  to  build  that !  We  need  the  clever  men  of  the  past :D   They  could  do  it  with  very  simple  technology...  I  saw  a  report  in  TV...  Its  a  disgrace  for  our  current,  "perfect"  time !


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Building a pyramid, or an atomic bomb is VERY simple, if you find acceptable a VERY high people casualty rate handling the materials, and have an unlimited supply of unpaid labor, etc.

If the pyramid project were mine, and I could afford to waste a hundred thousand human lives, the project would finish early and under budget.

In Germany, the V-2 Rocket Program in Mittelwerk, near Nordhausen Germany killed MORE slave laborers building the rockets than were killed at the receiving end in England where the rockets landed.

Approximately 25,000 people died MAKING the rockets, and 10,000 or so  people died as targets of the rockets. About six workers died for EVERY rocket produced.

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Look....  its  not  possible  today !   We  need  the  trick,  how  they  made  it  in  the  past :D  Seems  we're  too  dumb in  our  modern  time,   hahaha  -  sorry,  yes !   We  can  fly  on  the  moon  and  mars....    We  build  very  high  skyscrapers  -  but  not  able  to  build  Pyramids xD   What  a  shame !!   Must  be  a  very  especially  technology.... 

I  remember,  they  needed  many  thousands  of  workmen  for  that  and  simple  but  effective,  technical  installations !

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Would not a ramp need to have been built to haul the stones upwards? Regardless of how many slaves employed, I have read it would have to be absurdly long for the pitch to be slight enough for the blocks to move - and even then, the blocks are heavy enough so as to destroy any inclined plane built. There is no trace of any ramp today. 

Just once, I would like to hear archeologists say: "My God, these people were stupid! It's a wonder they figured out how to procreate!" But no - it's always about how amazingly advanced they were! - a circumstance that surely flies in the face of evolution.

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The simplest solution if you wanted to use a ramp ... would be a spiral ramp around the outside of the pyramid, and start building it from the center of the square bottom .... not from the bottom up...but from the inside out.

The "trick" they had was telekinesis, which does not exist among humans today.

Remember ... the Egyptian High Priest ALSO changed his staff into a serpent, during Moses' audience with Pharaoh.


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    • I wrote the Mickey Spillane summit parody for Jane Spillane, who is re-releasing the Mike Hammer tough-guy series of late 1940's private eye books. It is a spoof on what if the President had handled Putin like Mike Hammer might handle a crime boss. She loved it. She said so right on my blog (almost immediately) when I released it. I wrote it because Mickey Spillane later became one of Jehovah's Witnesses and his work changed a lot. That triggered my interest in his books. Now, Jane is not a Witness, probably has mixed feelings about them at best, and may feel they were responsible for 'sabatoging' his work, since his post-JW writings lose the excess sex and violence and thereby become less of what Mickey himself once said about Hemingway and the highbrow authors: "What those guys could never get is that you sell a lot more salted peanuts than cavier." Nonetheless, there is no way she could not have picked up on his enthusiasm for the truth, and probably concedes that that is what ensured he remained the upright man he always had been. Jane is intensely political, another reason for the theme of my post. She assures me that Mickey would have been a Trump-man, too. I have not the slightest doubt of it, with the exception that he would know how to keep political leaning its place, and not disturb the peace of the congregation with such matters. All human governments will drop the ball, usually it is a bowling ball, and the only open question is upon which toe will it land. As individuals ponder their own toes, some will favor the left and some the right. Anyhow, I said to Jane that we could help each other. I will use the story to hopefully (this is extremely hard to do) flag the attention of some high profile figures, and did she want to be tagged or not?. She did. Good. It's a win-win, potentially helping both our causes. Mine is to direct attention to my blog, www.tomsheepandgoats.com, the first thing that hits the eyes is a link for my free ebook Dear Mr Putin - Jehovah's Witnesses Write Russia, which calls attention to the plight of our people there, (along with answering many a scurilous charge) and that goal motivates nearly everything I do these days. I draw some of my inspiration from Anton Chivchalov Blog. These days it is important to bring one's gift to the altar. The post is here: 
      http://www.tomsheepandgoats.com/…/showdown-at-the-summit.ht… Since the violence and sex is excessive in those pre-Witness days, it is easy to dismiss the novels as so much garbage. However, as to the writing itself, Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged) lavished high praise on them and compared them favorably to some elite authors of the day. Mickey's own dad, I think he was a bartender, called his writing "crud." Ayn Rand did not feel that way. Atlantic Magazine (I think it was) interviewed him in later years ('I may write one more Mike Hammer, but that's it. I can't sit eight hours in a chair anymore. My rear end gets sore.') and pointed out that his latter books were winning some critical acclaim. "To Mickey's disgust, one suspects," one suspects, the author adds. Come on! It is impossible not to love this guy. He had the combination of intense interest, yes, even love, of people, coupled with an absolute lack of pretence, a willingness to go 'in your face,' something that was a trademark of Witnesses of a certain generation. Jane herself, I am not sure that she realized it, give me the ultimate green light, when she said of my scheme: "Mickey would love it."    
    • Thank you so much and I appreciate ALL that you do. Love ❤️ you!! Have a beautiful weekend!!🌸🌺🌹🌺🌸🤧😊
    • I do not see here that Jesus support economic and money system of Jew, Greek or Roman people. He was not willing to support that. This verse "proving" my view and understanding on Jesus act: -------------- “But so that we may not offend them, go to the sea, cast a hook, and take the first fish you catch. When you open its mouth, you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for you” and Me. Jesus was not voluntary or by obligation participate in paying temple tax. His reason for pay tax money was in some sort of strange reason, "to not offend them". Does he payed tax more then this one time mentioned in this verse? Do not know. But this verse telling something different in connection to your statement:  "Jesus taught that a legitimate use of money is to support the Lord's work (The Great Commission) through the religious institutions the Lord established,the early Church/Christians." In this verse  he did contrary, he support Jew system and not "Lord's work". And as such, religious institutions aka Jew religion (or some other religious institution today), have to be, was been rejected by him and his followers, at the end of a day (or to the end of century in Romans's  siege and destruction of Jerusalem). 1.What is legitimate use of money? (by capitalist view, by socialist view, by particular religious institution view......?) 2.And would you, as beneficiary, accept money, as donation or in other forms, without knowledge and proves how donor/donors made their multiplication of money in legitimate using, way?     (Do you have interest to know is such money made in way that no one was damaged?) How many people working for one dollar per day or less, for few cents, in one part of a world??? And in different part of the world  other people buy cheap products because of such system? And what is LEGITIMATE in that? Only laws that was product of injustice. AND ALL THIS WAS IN DOMAIN OF WHO OWNS THE MONEY :))))))) I do not care, at the end, is that devil's money or people's money. It is injustice! This is all about injustice, greedy, lies, manipulation ...   
    • we both! :))) please help me to see, by your thoughts, is there something in this World that IS devil product? proved by Bible, because this is point you like to highlight - Bible verses. Thanks.
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