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Daily text, Sunday, August 6 2017

Queen Esther

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Open my eyes so that I may see clearly the wonderful things from your law.—Ps. 119:18.

To determine to what extent a less experienced brother’s thoughts and actions are influenced by Kingdom truth, an elder might ask him, ‘How has your dedication to Jehovah changed the way you use your life?’ That question can lead to a meaningful conversation about what makes our sacred service whole-souled. (Mark 12:29, 30) Perhaps at the end of such a conversation, he might say a prayer, asking Jehovah to give the brother the holy spirit he needs to complete his training. How upbuilding it will be for the brother to hear the elder’s heartfelt prayer in his behalf! In the initial phase of training, an elder could consider some Bible accounts that might help the learner to see the need to be willing, reliable, and humble. (1 Ki. 19:19-21; Neh. 7:2; 13:13; Acts 18:24-26)  Such qualities are as essential to the learner as nutrients are to the soil. They quicken his spiritual growth and serve to ‘open his eyes’ to “the wonderful things” in God’s Word. w15 4/15 2:3, 4


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