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Common Traits of Gods

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      "His wives . . . inclined his heart to follow other gods." 1 Ki. 11:4
      Things took a bad turn after Solomon became king. Solomon formed “a marriage alliance with Pharaoh the king of Egypt and [took] Pharaoh’s daughter and [brought] her to the City of David.” (1 Ki. 3:1) 
      In time, Solomon built a house for her (and perhaps her Egyptian maids) outside the City of David. Why? The Scriptures say that he did so because it was not fitting for a false worshipper to dwell near the ark of the covenant. (2 Chron. 8:11) 
      Solomon may have seen political advantages in marrying an Egyptian princess, yet could he justify it? Long before, God had forbidden the marrying of pagan Canaanites, even listing certain peoples. (Ex. 34:11-16) 
      Did Solomon reason that Egypt was not one of those listed nations? Even if he reasoned that way, would such rationalizing be valid? Actually, his course ignored the clear risk that Jehovah had mentioned—that of turning an Israelite from true worship to false.—Deut. 7:1-4. 
      w11 12/15 1:10, 12, 13

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      8 "My trust is in God’s loyal         love, forever and ever."
      (Psalm 52:8)

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