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India: Top court outlaws practice of Islamic 'instant divorce'

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It IS in the Qur'an:   Mohammad wanted to sleep with his adopted son's wife when he saw her and wrote in the Quran that maybe Allah will give her to him. (surah 33 if I remember correctly).  His son felt obliged to divorce her so Mr. M can sleep with her.  This is how this law started  in the Quran that another man has to sleep with her before a wife can go back to her husband after he has divorced her by saying 3 times: Talaq, Talaq, Talaq.  (By the way this is not viewed as adultery). So it has become quite a big business where men advertise to be paid to do the job and in many cases the Imam takes this duty.........for money..... to sleep with the wife so her husband can take her back.  Wives are in terrible stress because they do not want to do this but have to in order to go back!  So much for the rights of wives! Some of the pagans in his time were shocked that Mr M slept with his own adopted son's wife (viewed as his own son) so then  Mr M changed the laws on adoption.... to suit himself.

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