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Dalai Lama On Free Market Economics And Happiness

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso participated in a conference on how free enterprise, ethical leadership, human happiness, and a greater understanding of the mind can help make for a better life. He said that individual happiness leads to a happy world and that a community’s survival was dependent on oneÂ’s purpose in life being to take care of and have compassion for others. The first panel was on “Moral free enterprise: Economic perspectives in business and politics.” Moderator Arthur Brooks summed up the discussion by noting that a capitalist society worked best when free enterprise was predicated on moral living and the practice of compassion. The second panel, “Unlocking the mind and human happiness,” was co-hosted by the Mind and Life Institute. Moderator Arthur Zajonc noted that free enterprise works best when practiced in the spirit of compassion rather than division. “Happiness, Free Enterprise, and Human Flourishing” was held at the American Enterprise Institute

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