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I figured I would start a topic on "peace and security' since so much news constantly comes out regarding this theme lately: Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians. He draws attention to “Jehovah’s day.” As used here, “Jehovah’s day” refers to the period that will start with the destruction of false religion and will culminate in the war of Armageddon. However, just before that day of Jehovah begins, world leaders will be saying “Peace and security!” This may refer to one event o

Donald Trump talking about NK being a threat to Peace & Security earlier  Amazing how often peace & security or safety is being mentioned by world leaders again lately. Sept 21 2017 International Day of Peace - theme this year was Peace, safety & dignity.  

I find it interesting the very ones making the calls for peace and security are the very ones making things 'shakey'... It's all a ruse that will backfire on them. I don't think many who believe the Bible realize just how this is orchestrated. Basically what I am saying is it is not the results of organic natural behaviors. It is about Elitists arranging chaos so they can present the 'solution' to something that just does not exist. They will be the aggressors against God's people as well. They

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Interesting points all!  I think it could be a cry of anguish as well as the false proclamation at the end. Many things in the bible have a smaller and a larger fulfillment.  They are crying for it.  It is heartbreaking really to look at. I opened the link to the dead hindu villagers. 

This is a set of photos you may want to see here on the city of Raqqa. It is ONE of the cites in Syria (and there are many) that have been taken over by ISIS and bombed perpetually by the UN forces as well as the Democratic Syrian government forces. All I could think was, 'not a stone left upon another stone.'  

    Hello guest!

The article is called, "The City Fit For No One"

The photos of the man who once prospered there. One photo in a suit and tie, taken as he was a prominent attorney. Now on the streets of Raqqa, looking like the art work of JOB.  His face caked in mud, clothed in rags, hair all over.  So very sad. 

Truly, " the nations in great anguish, not knowing the way out! "  

Blessings to all.  We are Jehovah's people.  



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Per a suggestion by @The Librarian several posts on this topic were moved to another thread, linked at the end of this post -- affecting recent posts by @TrueTomHarley @Nana Fofana, @James Thomas Rook Jr., @AllenSmith, @Witness



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5 hours ago, Julie Bayley said:

War & famine - 2 major stumbling blocks to the world achieving peace & security.


Wow Julie!  This is excellent. The four horses are riding. All brothers and sisters! Listen the that Awake, Pack that GO bag!  I have a friend in a Florida congregation and they advise that have a bag that you can grab is five minutes!  I am also buying flood insurance. Only 20% of America has it as it is NOT offered unless you are on a flood plane.  I realize if it may not be cashable at the end, but look at Houston?  Not many houses have it in the USA. Email your insurance agent. It is really inexpensive to get if you are not on a flood plane.  I love this thread. Thank you my dear brothers and sisters.  

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6 hours ago, Julie Bayley said:

Thank you again for another great post!  Yes, that Blessed Day will come when we have prosperity for all,  respect and love for each other.  I have a student that is blind, so we review scriptures and I have to read them of course. Maybe we will cover peace and security this weekend and i can use some of these posts!   She is on the phone. Completely wheel chair bound from MG, that turns into full blown MS like symptoms.  She reads braille. In a terrible nursing home.  In sever pain from brain cancer. I have a sister who goes to see her too.  But we have gotten so very close.  I tis a beautiful story, Maybe I will submit it to the Librarian to post here.  She has gone through all of the major concepts of the bible by phone.  Then that day, or the next, what ever chapter we read in the bible, based on her questions or needs, I text to her phone. She can play it then over and over.  Yesterday, we went over Ephesions Chapter 4, the whole chapter due to our needs in the study.  I then talked text it, the whole chapter, as I have to correct things and add punctuation manually.  So I go over every word to send it in back to back texts. She plays them over and over.  I think I am going to see if sometime soon if she wants to cover the topic of Peace and Security.  I have let her ask and we GO.  I know we have things in braille, we have attempted to get them, but it has been very difficult. I do not need advice how to do so, it was just a series of mistakes over and over in the Florida congregation.  But supposedly now, it is coming.  However, she will not live to be baptized, but she has accepted all of the truth!  We talk daily now. I have made bible dramas from the site and mark them in braille for her. I have sent her music she loves, ours and others.  I supply the toiletries she needs, marked in braille as she cannot afford them.  My beautiful dear sister.  She wants me to make braille scriptures for her on index cards with the English words on them so she can tell others about her hope!  The sister in Florida is attempting again to get the braille sent, the tracts, the Good News brochure.  If they get here ever, she can give them a tract and have it in braille to witness.  So my dear brothers and sisters, PLEASE all PRAY for my dear Carmella in Florida. Her pain is burning from the brain cancer in her head. Has moved to ears, eyes chest and it is excruciating. I will not have her much longer.  I reach out to ask you to pray for her peace, relief from her pain, for her to feel loved, whatever Jehovah sees as good in his eyes for her. How did we meet?  She dialed a wrong number trying to reach Joyce Meyers ministry and got my voicemail. A welding company outgoing message!  She left the message anyways.  I normally delete all of my voice mail as it is all robots as I answer my phone all day!  I am deleting 27 messages and just said instantly to myself, /play that one.  It was Carmella trying to call Joyce Meyers.  I called her back and told her two weeks ago she left a msg for Joyce Meyers, it was a wrong number.  But I am in the ministry and can I help you?  And she just started to talk. We shared scripture on that call and prayed. She asked me could she continue to talk with me.  She also told me later, she had no idea, she said, I knew it was the wrong number but I left the message anyways and I have no idea why!  So my friends, the Holy Spirit indeed nudged her to leave the message and call me instead of Joyce Meyers. And then the Holy Spirt made my finger hit play instead of delete before listening like I was doing to the rest.  I make a point of listening to my voice mail now!  

Pray for my dear Carmella, please my friends.  She is in severe pain!   Love to all, Kristy 

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      Donald Trump mentioning Peace and Security....
      Meeting to be held June 12, 2018 seeking Peace and Security for the whole world....
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      Then I said,
      “Listen, you leaders of Jacob,
          you rulers of Israel.
      Should you not embrace justice,
      2     you who hate good and love evil;
      who tear the skin from my people
          and the flesh from their bones;
      3 who eat my people’s flesh,
          strip off their skin
          and break their bones in pieces;
      who chop them up like meat for the pan,
          like flesh for the pot?”
      4 Then they will cry out to the Lord,
          but He will not answer them.
      At that time He will hide His face from them
          because of the evil they have done.
      5 This is what the Lord says:
      “As for the prophets
          who lead my people astray,
      they proclaim ‘PEACE’
          if they have something to eat,
      but prepare to wage war against anyone
          who refuses to feed them.

      6 Therefore night will come over you, without visions,
          and darkness, without divination.
      The sun will set for the prophets,
          and the day will go dark for them.
      7 The seers will be ashamed
          and the diviners disgraced.
      They will all cover their faces
          because there is no answer from God.”
      8 But as for me, I am filled with power,
          with the Spirit of the Lord,
          and with justice and might,
      to declare to Jacob his transgression,
          to Israel his sin.
      9 Hear this, you leaders of Jacob,
          you rulers of Israel,
      who despise justice
          and distort all that is right;
      10 who build Zion with bloodshed,
          and Jerusalem with wickedness.

      11 Her leaders judge for a bribe,
          her priests teach for a price,
          and her prophets tell fortunes for money.
      Yet they look for the Lord’s support and say,
          “Is not the Lord among us?
          No disaster will come upon us.”

      12 Therefore because of you,
          Zion will be plowed like a field,
      Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble,
          the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets.

    • By The Librarian
      Over the past year we have been celebrating 70 years of the United Nations and indeed, there is much to be proud of and grateful for. Over the past year alone, Member States adopted an ambitious development agenda – Agenda 2030 – as well as the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, a process in which I was honoured to play a role. These agreements demonstrate, once again, the power and the value of the UN when its Member States are united in purpose.
      At the same time, the world is facing complex challenges that the UN’s founders could have scarcely imagined 70 years ago. As our societies have grown more interconnected, so have our problems. The global migration and refugee crisis has demonstrated that armed conflict, environmental degradation and human rights violations in one part of the world can have repercussions across the world. We are already witnessing the effects of climate change, the impacts of which are being felt most acutely by the poorest societies that are least able to cope. We have also been made painfully aware that terrorism knows no borders and that violent extremists are increasingly adept at exploiting power vacuums, instability and discontent to spread hatred and destruction.
      Image: United Nations Working together to tackle the biggest challenges
      It is evident that we can no longer afford to deal with such challenges in an isolated manner or ignore the full range of their impacts – social, political, environmental and economic. Doing so risks inflaming vicious cycles of conflict. The only way to take on these challenges is by working collectively; either we figure out ways of winning together, or we will all lose together.
      In these complicated times, and in a fraught and shifting geopolitical environment, the United Nations remains the indispensable organization that can bring the world around the table to formulate collective responses to shared challenges. Even as these challenges grow increasingly complex, Member States continue to turn to the UN as the universal forum to build consensus and unity in the face of daunting obstacles. But in order to deliver on its crucial responsibilities in a fast-moving world, the UN as an institution has to evolve. This requires visionary leadership and creativity to adapt the way we think, the way we engage, and the way we work.
      Four priorities for peace and security
      For the UN to take on the global challenges of the 21st century, I believe the next secretary-general should focus on four broad priorities in the field of peace and security.
      First, conflict prevention and strengthened political engagement must be brought to the forefront of the UN’s agenda. This is not a new idea –three major reviews of the UN’s peace and security architecture over the past year have reiterated this point. The UN secretariat needs to be more creative in presenting to the Security Council the full spectrum of instruments we have at our disposal to prevent and de-escalate conflicts, from special envoys, regional political offices and political missions, to peacebuilding support efforts and specialized, interdisciplinary teams that can provide host governments with focused support. The UN should also use its greatest assets – its convening power and legitimacy – to be more active at bringing together stakeholders to negotiate political settlements and resolve conflicts before violence erupts.
      Additionally, we must remember that conflict prevention requires sowing the seeds of long-term peace through development and prosperity. Agenda 2030 highlights the old truth that there is no peace without sustainable development – and no sustainable development without peace.
      A second priority should be promoting full integration of UN system-wide efforts. Too often the UN’s political, developmental and human rights efforts are functioning at cross-purposes. This must stop. The multi-dimensional challenges we face require multi-dimensional thinking and action. We must overcome institutional inertia and instil a culture of systemic collaboration and inter-disciplinary thinking appropriate for the interconnected world we live in. The new secretary-general and their team should find innovative ways of harnessing the full capacities of the UN system, including the agencies, funds and programmes to be able to tackle issues on all fronts. This also requires undertaking renewed efforts to promote better internal governance, transparency and accountability. And we must heed the call from both Member States and UN staff to adapt our bureaucratic processes to be more agile and effective, and better respond to evolving realities in the field.
      Third, the UN must become a better partner. Regional and sub-regional organizations such as the African Union, European Union, Arab League, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and others play a critical role in conflict resolution and prevention. We must recognize that other actors are sometimes better placed to react more rapidly and effectively. In such cases, we should work together with these organizations to identify the ways the UN can best support and enable regional efforts. And our approach should be grounded in a spirit of mutual respect and recognition of comparative advantages.
      Finally, the next secretary-general should redouble diplomatic engagement with Member States, particularly the Security Council, through closer and more regular interaction aimed at finding and expanding points of consensus. While the Council has been criticized for its handling of the Syrian crisis, we must recognize that it found common ground on the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons and on authorizing cross-border humanitarian access. Even in the most seemingly intractable conflicts, there is room for agreement on issues of common interest, and the secretary-general should use their diplomatic arsenal and creativity to facilitate consensus among Member States, even when consensus seems impossible.
      Making the impossible a reality
      Indeed, a universal agreement to combat climate change seemed impossible only a few years ago. But through persistent, hopeful leadership and old-fashioned multilateral diplomacy –the UN’s raison d’être and greatest strength – we were able to make the impossible possible. I am confident that together we can do the same for the multitude of challenges we face today. Billions of people around the world affected by conflict, poverty and hardship are counting on us. We cannot fail them.
    • By admin
      In a World of Risks: A New Commitment for Peace
      10 – 11 May 2016
      The President of the General Assembly, Mogens Lykketoft, will organise a high-level Thematic Debate of the UN General Assembly focused on UN, Peace and Security on 10-11 May 2016. This event will be a platform to identify key threats and engage in a strategic reflection about today’s challenges to international peace and security. Furthermore, it will allow for a consideration about the means, tools and instruments available within a UN-context to tackle these challenges as well as the responsibilities and institutions required for an effective collective security architecture.
      Building on the common trends and synergies from the most recent UN peace and security reviews, including the review of UN peace operations [on the basis of both, the High Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations and the Secretary-General’s report on the future of UN peace operations], the Peacebuilding Architecture Review and the Global Study on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on women, peace and security, as well as a series of coordinated, independently organized regional workshops and seminars, the thematic debate will take place as the world is considering how best to implement the ambitious and wide-ranging 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as well as the Paris Agreement on climate change and who – as the next Secretary-General – will lead the UN in this and other equally vital tasks.
      Member States will be invited to participate at the highest possible level. Observers, UN entities, civil society, research institutions with global and regional reach, media, and other stakeholders will also be invited to attend.
      More information on the preparatory process and related events: 
      Views from the field and civil society
        High-level Thematic Debate in May 2016


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