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The Best Mac 'n Cheese in Every State

Guest Nicole

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Oregon: Screen Door

Portland, Oregon

This Creole-style restaurant is known for its weekend brunch and dinner. Hushpuppies, gumbo, po’boys, and fried chicken make perfect pairings with their bubbly, creamy mac ‘n cheese side dish. screendoorrestaurant.com

Read more: http://www.southernliving.com/pasta/types/best-mac-and-cheese-restaurants-every-state#oregon-best-mac-and-cheese-restaurants-every-state

Have you tried this? 


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I  only  like  the   *Texas:  KennyÂ’s  Wood  Fired  Grill*.....   TASTY :P   I  still  would  order  a  mixed  salad  to  the  Steak :D  I  love  melted  cheese,  but  not  like  on  the  most  plate's,  with  too  much  noodles....


And  with  a  BIG  salad,   yummy :P1f44d.png1f601.png

All  other  plates  too  much  meat,  too  much  fat,  alot  calories - bomb's  with  cheese,  alot noodles & creame  sauces !

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Oh Man!  THAT'S the way I like my steaks cooked ... crunchy on the outside and pinkish grey in the middle!

My wife and I eat at least 4 times a week at the Golden Corral, and for $ 8.00 each "feast out" (before 4PM it's cheaper...), but I can't get them to make my steaks like THIS one!

If you eat only once a day, as is our custom .... it's cheaper than buying groceries !

A LOT cheaper.

(and no preparation time, and NO DISHES!)

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