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Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

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Watchtower is ONLY business corporation (and only FOR business) Synonyms in JW vocabulary for WT are; organization, society, Mother organization, God's organization. In such perception, in fact every average JW member are assured in his/her believing, and that is true, how it is from God JHVH. WT is religious corporation or corporational religion, what ever you prefer more. 

Shareholders comes every year on Annual meeting that look like congregational meeting with new "spiritual food" lessons, revelations, teachings, doctrines, instructions. What a mix. And according to video all shareholders are"mature, active and faithful males" :))))) So really this corporation are macho style religion.

Non-stock and non-profit? hehehehe  

Glad that was mentioned 1. President W.H. Conley but need to add, Russell the Father (Joseph) was Vice President with young C.T.Russell as Secretary Treasurer. In time of Inc. 1884. Charles became President and his wife Maria was Secretary Treasurer. So, Russel in that particular time was very advanced in his looking on woman's "role, place and nature" or just want that business stay in family :))))))


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