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What kind of Cosmetics can you use if you are TWO FACED?

James Thomas Rook Jr.

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TTH, are you talking about the history of the court cases in DELAWARE, United States of America?

It sounds like you are talking about the Jehovah's Witness who tortured those women in Australia.

I cannot actually believe you actually read the chain of Delaware court cases reporting about the Society trying to get the venue changed to obstruct justice ... which the Courts immediately recognized ....  and didn't get it?

The reason the Society's Lawyers  wanted the venue  changed was two fold .... to make it inconvenient and difficult for trial witnesses to appear and testify, and to delay the trial in an overextended jurisdiction for several years ... TO RUN UP THE COST OF THE VICTIM PURSUING THE CASE UNTIL THEY WENT BANKRUPT FROM THE DELAYING TACTICS, and had to drop the case.

This was recognized by the Delaware Courts first, and it was recognized by me, second.

The Society's Lawyers do NOT want to lose this court case, and they know they will, if Justice prevails ... and there is every reasonable expectation that it will. It will cost the Corporation MILLIONS of dollars.


The tactics used in the Delaware case are just as nasty and despicable as the duplicity in the Padron Case in San Diego.

I was originally talking about the San Diego case when I said:

Our donations are being used to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE !

because that is exactly what is happening there in San Diego with duplicitous "reasoning" that is laughable from a legal standpoint, and despicable from a moral standpoint, and it is about the Delaware case is where I said....

9 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Also, in Delaware, a similar case was being adjudicated, and the Court stopped the Society's Lawyers from changing the venue to a county where the court system was overloaded and the trial would not take place for YEARS. Their strategy is to wear out any seekers of justice and to bankrupt them.

...which is SELF EVIDENT if you had read the accounts as you have said ... and understood what you have read, which does not appear to be the case.

I cannot get it any simpler for you without crayons and hand puppets.

"I felt sorry for a man who had no shoes ... until I met a man who would not read."

...and THINK!

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I can get my head around that without much effort.

He is at the museum in London getting so smart and sucking up so much data I hate to think what he will do with it. 

Ehm? How about...

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Each case stands on its' own for patently obvious obstruction of Justice, for money.

The cost of this deliberate obstruction of Justice, the BROTHERHOOD IS PAYING FOR.


If you care nothing about Justice ... remember this.. the Courts are DOCUMENTING all this.

It's all "on the record"!

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On 10/13/2017 at 2:17 PM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Their startegy is to wear out any seekers of justice and to bankrupt them.


15 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

please provide some proof that Watchtower seeks to bankrupt those who seek redress through the courts

I don't want to let this go quickly because it is typical of how you start with something true and then use it as a platform to lie, or at least deliver unproven & harsh judgements. Nobody slaps Jesus in the face with his own counsel about being  slow to judge more than you. 

Your lie, in this case, is that the Watchtower seeks to bankrupt those seeking redress through the courts. It is not necessarily a lie. It may just be a ignorant accusation. Choose for yourself which it is. 

In fact, it is impossible to bankrupt a person in this manner, unless this case is very unusual. Deep pocketed legal firms take on these cases - the plaintiff incurs no expense whatsoever - in return for one third of any awarded amount. 

There is no question that Bethel has a significant mess on its hands. It turns out there was a real scoundrel in their midst who harmed several people. Whether the legal means employed is the best one or not I am not qualified to say. The point is that you, whose legal library consists of the complete works of Gary Larsen and the complete works of Scott Adams are not qualified to say either. 

It is a sad fact of human nature that the more ignorant a person is, the louder they are.

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Many legal firms have been bankrupted along WITH their clients over never ending litigation.

I even think there was a movie about that years ago, if memory serves, starring Richard Gere.

( placekeeper here if I ever find it ..)

The movie starts out he is in a busy law firm making millions, and he is driving around in a VERY expensive exotic sports car, and $3,000 dollar suits.

The last scene of the movie shows him in Bankruptcy Court, he's living in a cheap motel and before the Bankruptcy Judge, says his only possession is a radio.

and as far as my cartoon collection ... I think you are just Jealous ... I remember before that after ranting about my posting style, you said you were going to try and emulate it, or words to that effect.

The legal means the Society's Lawyers always use are GOOD ones! ... if winning at all costs is the goal, and Justice is not.

Actually, their legal and fiduciary responsibility to their client is to WIN ... NOT pursue Justice.

That is the Governing Body's Job.

... to pursue Justice ... even if it means losing a billion dollars and all the real estate they own.

Hungry Wolves   500   .jpg

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2 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:


Many legal firms have been bankrupted along WITH their clients over never ending litigation.

First of all, that is nonsense. These are legal professionals with no personal stake and if they are in any danger of getting hurt financially, they quit. The world today is a lawyer's playground - we all know it - and lawyers seek out culprits with deep pockets, so that they may transfer some of the contents therein to their own pockets. Sure, it is possible that the aggrieved party got his barber who does lawyer work on the side to represent him. More likely though, he responded to overtures of lawyers with deep pockets, like the ones who advertise on TV to sue a myriad of causes. 

I'd also appreciate if you didn't slobber over the civil courts as the ultimate font of justice. The justice it delivers is as much a by-product as it is the main event. If there are no deep pockets, the system does not bother. I'm not saying it is wrong to use the existing system, or that I wouldn't do it myself if aggrieved, necessarily. I just don't like to herald it as the ultimate source of justice. It is the source of wealth transfer which sometimes parallels    justice.

Because we are about the same age and our religious background is the same and even in some other ways our inclinations are not dissimilar, I think you will agree with me that true justice demands such a person be put to death when his heinous crime is uncovered. The world has managed to persuade most that the transfer of money is the same as justice, and a rising star legal profession eagerly pushes that new truth. Even the criminal system - by the way, why isn't this fellow in jail? - cannot deliver 'justice,' sentencing a rapist to a not overlong prison term, the last years of which  are appearances before the parole board, and the victims kin, who should be left to heal - are dragged into pleading why he should not be released, a battle that they face repeatedly and eventually lose. 

Lay off on the praise for the human court system, will you?

*the movie is a John Grisham novel, probably. If you knew as much about Bible principles and the new personality as you do about pop culture, you'd be a lot easier to take.

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4 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

Lay off on the praise for the human court system, will you?

The "human court systems" are ..oh...what's the word I want to say...um.. oh yeah... HUMAN.

They are for the most part completely transparent, and open for review by all affected, or even interested parties having nothing to do with specific proceedings.

If Justice is being perverted, it can be plainly seen and documented, as it was clearly seen in the recent Russian Federation banning of Jehovah Witnesses Organization

If I want to, I can go to my County Courthouse and sit in the back and watch the daily administration of Justice.

They know this, and are therefore open, transparent, conscientious, and accountable.

... Unless they are following a script for political reasons ... but that too, can be watched, and is a lesson in itself.

When the 60 MINUTES TV show news team and video truck shows up at a Kingdom Hall you know it's GOING to be a bad day.

All judicial processes take place in secret, with no recordings allowed, and no witnesses allowed to see and hear the deliberations, even if an accused wants it.

The accused is not allowed representation, and no notes are taken that he or she is allowed to see and review.

The concept of a transcript is laughed at.

The Civil courts of today closely resemble the court system of Ancient Israel, where trials were held in the city gates, and EVERYTHING was open to all who passed through ... they could stand and watch for awhile,  or speak up and add whatever they thought might be pertinent testimony. 

The accusers, defenders, and judges were ALL watched by EVERYONE with complete transparency.  This system served for an honest and stable system of jurisprudence for over two thousand years.

WHAT WE DO, is a secret to the congregation, is behind closed doors, and people are afraid if they express any interest in how the wheels turned ...  they might be NEXT to get pulled into the back to "Room 101", "The Little Back Room", the "Red Room" for a Star Chamber style interrogation.

.... In the kindest possible way of course.

If Justice is being perverted, it is COMPLETELY HIDDEN AND UNDOCUMENTED, in contrast to what was able to be clearly seen in the recent Russian Federation banning of Jehovah's Witnesses Organization. They banned the Corporation at the same time honoring a Russian Jehovah's Witness Family.

It may be whispered about among elders ... but that's about it.


I see and have seen how both judicial systems work, not in theory, but in actual practice, over many, many years.

And Star Chambers always evolve into Kangaroo Courts .. and although the Brotherhood may have never heard those terms ...  the chilling factor of feeling the effects on a gut level ... goes clear to the bone.

OF COURSE I have praise for the "human court systems".

God gave US a BETTER system ... roughly imitated by Civil Governments today ... and we ABANDONED it for what we have now.




But ... they get lentils .... AND MEAT .... at Bethel, and brag about it.



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Just now, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

In the 1930's and 40's it was the most popular comic strip in the world .... sigh .....

I feel like a rogue dinosaur.

For quite some time on my Facebook page I ran quotes from Wikipedia about Lil Abner. Some older friends commented on how they remembered and loved the characters. 

I always, always write my own material. But in this case, I simply quoted Wikipedia and left it at that.

And, no, don't ask to friend me. There is a part of me that would like that, but I fear you would not behave.

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