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The paradise of God, is under God's New Creation, where all His trees of life are (Isa.51:3; Gen.2:8-10; Eze.47:12; Rev.22:2,14; 2:7). 
After reading those scriptures, can you see what it was, that Jesus granted the one who died at his side?
Each "tree" of life, that feeds from God's "river" of the water of life, and produces fruit for healing, is, at the same time (in a different parable), a living stone of God's Temple... the place to offer prayer for all nations (Isa.56:7). 

Another parable that describes the trees of life in God's paradise, is at Luke 8:5-15. There it compares the heart, to soil... the truth, to seed. When the heart is good, the seed grows into a tree that produces fruit (in the garden/paradise, of God). Remember that the Father, is the cultivator of His own garden (John15:1). 
Jesus referred to how God cultivates the soil of a heart (also compared to how He refines a heart with fire), when he spoke at John14:2-3 (please read). 
Each "room"/"place", is a heart/part of God's "land" (translated as "earth"), where the seed of truth, grows. It is the part of each chosen one/living stone, where God's spirit, resides. Jesus works with God, to cultivate (prepare) the heart/"place"/"room" (Luke1:17; Acts15:14-18; Heb.8:2; Joel2:12-13; Job11:13-19; Eph.2:10; Ps.100:3; Isa.66:2; 42:6; 43:21; 1Pet.2:9-10), the "ground", where His seed will grow. 
This also compares to a woman's womb... the heart from which, life springs (Prov.4:23). 
This is why covenants (those representing the covenant) are symbolized by women. The members of Christ's covenant bride, cultivate the "seed"/truth/words of Christ, in their hearts, so that life is given to all who receive their teaching... producing more sons for him (Rev.12:1-2,5; 2:26-27) who in turn produce more sons. 
Can you see how this spiritual virility and purpose of Christ in God's New Creation, compares to Adam? (Gen.1:28; 1Cor.15:45; John5:24) 
So many parables and illustrations... symbols... to describe the same aspects of the same things. The paradise of God, is where one finds the truths of God, provided through the trees of life in that garden, who produce fruit for healing and eternal life. Jesus promised that the one who died at his side, who had expressed humility concerning his sins, and acknowledged the innocence and unjust suffering of Jesus... Jesus promised that he would receive God's favor and blessing, given those who "enter the City", the "temple", the cultivated "garden" of God. It is all spiritual, and refers to the Kingdom, where all God's messenger angels will fill the new earth, with the knowledge of God (John6:45; Hab.2:14; Isa.11:9). 
All those granted entrance, will be taught by YHWH.

I would like to add an additional thought about Luke23:43.
It is in regard to the word "today". 

The "Watchtower" asserts that this use of "today", means that Jesus was making his promise, on that particular day. You may agree, that such a use of "today", simply to state the obvious, would be a waste of Jesus' precious breath. Other religions, interpret the use of "today", as Jesus telling the man, that he would enter paradise, on that very day of his death. 
That teaching also, cannot be accurate, for the following reasons...

1. Jesus said that the dead will rise on the last day.
2. God's paradise (garden of God), with all it's various kinds of "trees of life" (called, chosen, and faithful priests and kings), did not yet exist.
What then, did Jesus intend, when he told the man, "today"?
A look at the previous verse, recorded the very request of the man, which Jesus was responding to. It also helps us gain understanding, if we look at a full definition of the Greek word, which is translated as "today".
The statement which Jesus was replying to, is in verse 42, and reads;
"“Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom!” (Luke23:42)
These words inform us, that the dying man believed, that Jesus' kingdom was yet future. This was natural for him to conclude, while viewing the condition and circumstances that Jesus was in at that moment. But was that physical viewpoint, accurate?
Jesus spoke of his suffering, shame, and death,
as his glorification (John12:22-23; 17:1)
Why would that be the case?
It is through satanic trial, that the integrity of God's servants, is proven. Such integrity, is the glory of that person. The unsurpassed integrity of Jesus Christ, was inseparable, from his position, as the king of truth. 

Jesus was not the kind of king that we see in this world. He said that his kingdom, was no part of the world, but that his authority and power, was in the hearts of those who listened to, and obeyed his message (John18:36-37; 6:37).
Jesus declared, that his position as king, already existed (Matt.26:64; Ps.110:1-2; 1Cor.15:25)
Now, returning to the words of the dying man...
He requested that Jesus "remember him", when he received his kingdom.
To be remembered by Jesus as faithful, is to be written in the Lamb's scroll of life (Mal.3:16; Rev.20:12; 21:27).
Would the dying man need to wait, in order to be written down in the king's book of the living? Would he need to wait until some future time, for Jesus to have the authority to offer that man, salvation?
No, Jesus was letting the dying man know, that on that very day, in those very circumstances... the day was already here for Jesus to endow a promise of life to his hearers (John5:24-25; 11:25-26).
If we look at the Greek interlinear for Luke23:43 and the way the sentence is structured... as well as looking up the definition, and other Bible uses for that same Greek word... we will learn that it is not usually speaking of a literal day, but of an era, usually of a king, such as the "day of Herod" or, the "day of John the Baptist". It is speaking of an era of a person's influence. Jesus, is "Lord of the Sabbath" Day (Matt.12:8). He was already God's messenger king during his day, and already empowered with all authority, to grant life (Matt.21:1-5; John5:21)
With all this in mind,
can you see why Jesus told the man, "Truly I tell you today... You will be with me, in paradise."? 
I believe that Jesus was telling the man, that the day of salvation was already here (2Cor.6:2), and he was already being granted entrance into the City of Life, by the already existing, king.

Pearl Doxsey 4 woman in the wilderness

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