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Restore of true worship. Clean clothes for the High Priest

Israeli Bar Avaddhon

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Treatment of the first three chapters of Zechariah
During the study of the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation we used various references to other prophetic books (and beyond) is to give weight to some statements to reveal interesting details.
'Important, however, a thorough examination of these "minor prophets" not just to give support to what has been treated but also to see if the overall picture is very consistent.
These systematic treatments might also reveal aspects and add details that, during the discussion of the greatest, have been left out books.
Let's start with the first three chapters of Zechariah and try to assess how this inspired book fits with what we know.
The words of Zechariah unique to the past?
We can apply to future Zechariah prophecies?
Before starting the legitimate question we should ask we are whether we can apply the book of Zechariah, or even part of it, to prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled.
Moreover, as we all know, at least part of the prophecy of Zechariah 9 is fulfilled during the campaign of Alessandro Magno in Syria, Phenicia and Philistia, including the conquest of Tire and Gaza.
As also reports the book Insight " Numerous other prophecies contained in the book of Zechariah find fulfillment in Christ Jesus' entry into Jerusalem as king," humble, and [that] riding upon an ass "(Zech 9: 9; Matthew 21: 5 ; Jn 24:15), the fact that he would be betrayed for "thirty pieces of silver" (Zec 11:12, 13; Mt 26:15; 27: 9), the subsequent dispersion of the disciples (Zec 13: 7; mt 26:31; Mr 14:27), the fact that Jesus was the pole with a spear pierced (Zech 24:10; Jn 19:34, 37) and his role as King-Priest (Zec 6:12, 13 ; Heb 6:20; 8: 1; 10:21). "
From the above we might think that this book was very helpful in the past (even in relation to the identification of Christ), but that does not have nothing to say about the future.
It really so?
If we let the Bible speak for us, we see instead Zaccaria still has much to tell us.
Comparing, for example, Zacharias 4: 3, 11-14 with Revelation 11: 4 we see that the analogy exists and is very strong.
We can compare other writings (Zech 4:10 with Revelation 5: 6; Zacharias 8: 8 with Revelation 21: 3; Zacharias 14: 5 with Jude 14; Zechariah 14: 7 with Revelation 21:25; Zechariah 14: 8 with Revelation 22 : 1, 17) and see what it's really impossible not to notice the connections.
If we consider a book of Revelation prophecies to come, we can not honestly say that Zechariah is only about what has already been.
" I saw in the night, and behold, a man riding a red horse, and was standing among the myrtle trees that were in the bottom; and behind him there were horses red, bright red, and white "- Zechariah 1: 8
The red horse or "fire color" takes us back to Revelation 6: 3 and now we should know its meaning.
We should also know the meaning of the white horse which indicates not only in Jesus Christ as a executioner but also his army - see Revelation 19:14
There seems to be a reference to Revelation?
As we have seen in a previous study article, all four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in contrast to what says the official understanding, are guided by Christ Himself - compares Psalm 45: 1-5
This we deduced from the fact that all four are "called" by the four living creatures and also by the fact that all the seals (of which the knights are a part) depict the judgments of God on the satanic system - Revelation chapters 6 to 8
Logic has ported this interpretation considering us that Jehovah has used very often of war between nations to execute His judgments - see Jeremiah chapters 47 to 49
The vision of Zechariah confirms the correctness of this interpretation because, again admitting that he speaks of future events, Zechariah 1:10 clearly says " These are the ones whom Jehovah has sent to patrol the earth."
The army cavalry reports that the land "has no noise" but this shows that nations live a temporary tranquility, totally illusory.
If there is an army, it means that everything is ready for battle.
The vision, however, does not focus on the war that should arrive but on the assurance that Jehovah will protect Jerusalem.
He is jealous of Jerusalem and Sion with a holy jealousy, and even if you are rightly indignant against His own people He assures, "Certainly I will return to Jerusalem with mercies. My own house will be built in it "- Zechariah 1:16
So it is true that there will be war and consequently a period of strict discipline for the people had turned away from Him, but He will not allow the extermination of his people from nations.
If it were up to the nations, of course, there would not be nothing left of God's people.
This Jehovah will not allow it.
In verse 12 Jehovah's angel turns to the God Most High, asking "O Jehovah of armies, until you yourself do not show mercy to Jerusalem and to the cities of Judah, whom you have denounced these seventy years?"
We know that the people of God, in fulfilling this prophecy in the past, was a prisoner in Babylon for seventy years.
Since we're wondering if Zaccaria (and which parts of the book) may have a future fulfillment, we can find, even in these words, a fulfillment in our day?
For the moment we do not know but we will face this possibility in a future article.
" Still he cries, saying, 'Jehovah of armies has said:" My cities will overflow with goodness still; and Jehovah will certainly try again regret over Zion and yet actually choose Jerusalem "- Zechariah 1:17
Jehovah will again choose Jerusalem!
Writing is talking about the people who shaped the spiritual Jerusalem (ie the People of God scattered throughout the earth) or even the literal city is talking?
The Almighty God has just spoken to those who have been oppressed by the nations and therefore it is clear that refers to the people of His possession (literally a city or nation can not be oppressed, distressed, punished).
But verse 16 goes on to say "the same measuring line will be stretched over Jerusalem." '
We know that in the fulfillment of this writing past the measuring line was actually placed on Jerusalem and the city was inhabited again.
Even the temple was rebuilt and this is further proof, if ever proof were needed, the precision and infallibility of God's Word.
Obviously if we were to include the possibility that this part of the book has a future fulfillment, this would mean the recovery of God's people scattered over the world (and therefore its ingathering) and the actual reconstruction and repopulation of the city - compares Ezekiel 38: 8 (see also the articles entitled "the appointed times of the nations" and "Who is Gog of Magog?" useful to have a complete picture of this future event).
When the angel told Zechariah to shout that Jehovah would choose still Jerusalem , undoubtedly referring to the city.
City that was inhabited, however, be faithful and obedient to the God Almighty inhabitants.
We are confident that Jehovah will not choose again Jerusalem at the end of satanic system? - compares 2 Chronicles 6: 4-6; Isaiah 4: 2, 3; 27:12, 13; 33:20; 49: 7; Jeremiah 3:17
In the following verses we speak thus of the four horns that dispersed Judah, Israel and Jerusalem. They will arrive four craftsmen who down them.
This means that all those nations which have scattered and wronged the people of God, will be rewarded for their management.
Moving on to the second chapter, then the first two verses say ...
" And I looked up and saw; and behold, there was a man, and in his hand a rope to measure. Then I said, "Where are you going?"
In turn he said to me: "To measure Jerusalem, to see how much is its breadth, and how much its length" - Zechariah 2: 1, 2
This brings us back to the temple measurements made by John in Revelation 11, is not it? - see Revelation 11: 1
Thanks to Revelation we can understand the meaning and the timeline.
John measure the temple some time after the people of God was tried, even through war, to see if, after such discipline now is in the right condition.
Just as happened to the days of Zechariah, after seventy years of exile in Babylon, now we need to see if the people of God is fit to return to their homeland.
What is the response of this measurement?
And behold, the angel that talked with me went out, and there was another angel went out to meet him. Then he said: "Run, speak to this young man, saying: '' Jerusalem will be inhabited as open country, because of the multitude of men and domestic animals in the midst of her. And I myself shall become to her, "is the utterance of Jehovah," a wall of fire all around, and I will become in the midst of her a " '" glory.
" Hey there! Hey there! Flee, then, from the north country, "it is the utterance of Jehovah.
" For I have scattered you in the direction of the four winds of heaven," is the utterance of Jehovah - Zechariah 2: 3-6
Just as we saw in the article entitled "Approaching Storm", it is for our salvation to take place this discipline.
If God's people were not disciplined, he would disappear with the rest of the world.
Exactly how does understanding Revelation, the regulation period it served its purpose - compares Daniel 11: 33-35
The people of God spread throughout the world, is now eligible to be gathered and Re-inhabiting Jerusalem.
" Shout loud and rejoice, O daughter of Zion; since, here, come, and certainly reside in the midst of thee, "it is the utterance of Jehovah. 11 "And many nations will certainly be joined to Jehovah in that day, and actually become my people; and certainly I will dwell in your midst. " And you will know that Jehovah of armies himself has sent me to you. 12 And Jehovah will certainly take possession of Judah as his portion on the holy ground, and has yet choose Jerusalem. 13 It is silent, all flesh, before Jehovah, for he is raised up out of his holy habitation - Zechariah 2: 10-13
Even these verses bring us to the last book of the Bible and beyond.
Jehovah says resides among his people - Revelation 21: 3
He also says that many nations "certainly will be joined to Jehovah in that day, and actually become my people" - Compare Isaiah 2: 2, 3 (see also Zechariah 8:23)
Furthermore, just as we saw in the first chapter, in the second he repeats that Jehovah "is yet choose Jerusalem."
We intend the third chapter, and we immediately notice something strange and interesting.
" And he showed me Joshua the high priest, who was standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan, who was standing at his right hand to resist him. Then [the angel] Jehovah said to Satan: "May Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who chooses Jerusalem! Is not this a fire ripped strain? "- Zechariah 3: 1, 2
The high priest, as we know, was the highest spiritual office in Israel.
It was he who had the responsibility of adoration of the whole people of God.
In the vision, however we note that Satan is the angel resistance.
We do not know it by reading the following verses would seem to imply that he does strength, that comes between the two, in order that Joshua did not receive clean clothes.
Clearly, Satan has interests that the high priest remains "dirty" and is therefore not eligible to officiate but other details will understand them by reading the following verses.
" Now, as Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel. So [these] answered and said to those who stood before him, 'Take off dirty clothes. " And he went on saying, "See, I passed over to you your mistake, and you're dressed in long robes Ceremonial" - Zechariah 3: 3, 4
We isolate the first part.
Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes, and that, as a high priest, makes it unsuitable to carry out its role - see Leviticus 16: 4
The "dirty" depicts sin and what is understood by the contrast that is done, for example, with the writing of Revelation 7: 9, which, speaking of the great crowd, mentions robes white - see also Revelation 3: 4, 5
The sins of the high priest, in keeping with Leviticus 4: 3, could fall on the people.
We can imagine why Satan is so interested to come between him (ie the one who was in charge on the spiritual leader of God's people) and the angel who tries to "tear him from the fire."
We can also imagine that it was just Satan dirty the garments of the high priest, or to induce him to make dirty.
This seems to be in harmony with what we have seen in our study of Revelation: the condemnation of the false prophets (which we saw in the explanation of the first trumpets) is primarily against the people of God.
The article entitled "approaching storm" explains that the judgment begins from the house of God, but there are also other trumpets that affect us.
We have no particular about it and we do not know how and when the people of God, starting from the high priest, is soiled.
Satan has managed, somehow, to dirty the people of God or, at best, to "get in the way" that persists in error.
The attempt of Satan has not happened and in fact the angel replaces his clothes with clean clothes, and says "I have passed over to you your mistake, and you are dressed with long ceremonial robes."
Q hese are beautiful no additional details described in Revelation.
If the event relative to the high priest and his dirty garments takes place after the described measurement of Jerusalem in Zechariah 2: 3-6 (event which brings us, in fact, in Revelation 11: 1), then the resistance that Satan makes all 'angel is to be referred to what happens during or after the preaching of the two witnesses.
These two witnesses are preaching in sackcloth, and that is, apart from being in harmony with the message of judgment that lead, this is done in recognition of their error.
Satan, however, has "resisted" to God's purpose to restore true worship and we can imagine that it will continue that way for as long as you can - see Revelation 12: 3, 4
E ' possible to assume that what is described in Zechariah 3: 2 includes the war described in Revelation 12: 7, 8?
This part of Zechariah is quoted by the disciple Judas who adds that the dispute concerned the body of Moses - Jude 9
On the one hand this would seem to confirm that the order of events is that of Revelation because, in both writings, you mention the archangel Michael, the subject that is mentioned only as Daniele and always in the context of fighter, defender, executioner - Daniel 10:13, 21; 12: 1
It 'easy to deduce that this meeting between Satan and the archangel Michael has provoked a war because we can not imagine that Satan, after an initial resistance, has been persuaded by fair means to make clothing Joshua with clean clothes (actions restores true worship).
This would confirm the order of events described in Revelation.
On the other hand , however, mentioning the body of Moses, the question becomes ambiguous .
The official explanation says that Satan probably wanted to use Moses' body for it to become an idol, an object of worship.
Idolatry is one of the gravest sins and something would undoubtedly will dirty the clothes of any high priest.
The body of Moses could become an idol?
We can imagine that the body of Moses, because of all that be representative t?, would easily become an idol for many Israelites.
For example it's possible see how it behaves when Christianity is the so-called "exposition of the Shroud".
Millions of people flock from all over the world, even at the cost of enormous sacrifices , to worship an object that you know, among other things, be a fake.
Imagine if it were true.
Satan could not do anything with the body of Moses (see Deuteronomy 34: 6), but we think that he has given up and that there has not re tried it with something else in our day ? - compares Luke 4:13
We have seen that some of the people of God, likened to trees and vegetation, it is punished precisely on becoming idolatrous - see Revelation 8: 7
Are we become idolaters?
If so, who or cos' is the object of our worship?
Is it possible that we have become the object of our worship something or someone that was supposed to be a medium (just as Moses was) and not the ultimate goal of adoration?
Incidentally: These questions are not intended to cast a shadow on the Wts, some of its representative or perhaps on the site official but in fact if we consider someone, anyone, above or equal to the Word of God, we idolaters.
Let us reflect on these things.
Whatever our situation (something on which to think carefully) it is encouraging to know that these dirty clothes will be replaced.
Then I said: "The head put on a clean turban." And they put on his head a clean turban and dress him with garments; and Jehovah's angel stood there. And the angel of the Lord bore witness to Joshua, saying: "Jehovah of armies has said: 'If you walk in my ways, and if you keep My obligation, then again you also judge my house, and also to guard my courtyards; and I will give you free access among these who are here '- Zechariah 3: 5-7
In harmony with the words of the Lord, the faithful slave will be appointed over all his belongings for his loyalty - Matthew 24:47
" ' Hear, please, O Joshua the high priest, you and your companions who sit before you, for they are men [serving] as portents; for behold, I will bring my servant Sprout! 9 For, behold, the stone that I put before Joshua! On one stone are seven eyes. Here, I record its engraving, 'is the utterance of Jehovah of armies,' and certainly will take away the error of that land in one day '- Zechariah 3: 8, 9
At God's appointed time, the error of the people of God will be completely removed!
It is encouraging to know that?
Jehovah is going to send His Son, and thanks to him the true worship will be fully restored.
For the people who love God this "stone" is a blessing but for those who are not worthy will be crushed in it - compare Matthew 21:42, 43
When will this happen and who, in particular, will address this destructive attention?
We'll see in a future article, but for now let's focus on the conditions that the arrival of this righteous Branch will bring to all who wish to obey God and seek him with Spirit and Truth.
' In that day,' is the utterance of Jehovah of armies, 'you'll call each other, while [you] under [the] vine and while [you] under [the] fig tree' "- Zechariah 3:10
May each of us to introspect not miss those wonderful blessings we enjoy the people who do not worship no one else than Jehovah - Psalm 33:12; Psalm 144: 1
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