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CAMEL ? Use From Early Bible Times.

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CAMEL ?  Use From Early Bible Times.

The first Bible mention of the camel relates to Abraham’s temporary residence in Egypt, where he acquired a number of these beasts of burden. (Ge 12:16) When Abraham’s faithful servant was sent to Mesopotamia to procure a wife for Isaac, a train of ten camels, with all sorts of gifts, accompanied him. (Ge 24:10) It was to a camel caravan of Ishmaelites bound for Egypt that Joseph was sold by his half brothers.—Ge 37:25-28.


Job is introduced as “the greatest of all the Orientals.” His material possessions included 3,000 camels, and following the test of his integrity, Jehovah blessed Job, so much so that he came to possess 6,000 camels and a vast quantity of other livestock.—Job 1:3; 42:12.


In common with other livestock of Egypt, the camels suffered from the plagues God brought upon PharaohÂ’s domain. (Ex 9:3, 10, 25; 12:29) Whether any camels went with the Israelites on the trek through the wilderness is not indicated in the Bible record, but likely this was the case.


The first reference to camels after Israel’s settling in the Promised Land is in connection with their use by invaders. When Midianite hordes and their ‘camels without number’ spread over the land and impoverished it, a critical situation faced God’s people Israel. (Jg 6:5; 7:12) At times, with Jehovah’s help, the Israelites defeated their enemies and captured vast numbers of camels, on one occasion 50,000.—1Ch 5:21; 2Ch 14:15.


While outlawed from Saul’s court, David and his men warred against the Geshurites, the Girzites, and the Amalekites, striking down all the men and women but taking domestic animals, including camels, as booty. (1Sa 27:8, 9) During the reign of David, a special official, Obil, was in charge of his camels. (1Ch 27:30) The queen of Sheba brought gifts to King Solomon in a camel train, and Ben-hadad II of Syria sent presents to the prophet Elisha loaded upon 40 camels.—1Ki 10:1, 2; 2Ki 8:9.


In foretelling the fall of Babylon, the prophet Isaiah alluded to the conquering armies under the symbol of “a war chariot of camels.” (Isa 21:7) According to the Greek historian Herodotus (I, 80), Cyrus did make use of the camel in his military campaigns. – Bible Speaks 




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CAMEL ?  Use From Early Bible Times. The first Bible mention of the camel relates to AbrahamÂ’s temporary residence in Egypt, where he acquired a number of these beasts of burden. (Ge 12:16) Whe

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