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Queen Esther


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    • By way of a general observation, the real straw man argument here being so vigorously opposed and defended is that the Holy Spirit is God's power, which it patently is not. Purely an interpretation based on personal opinion of the nature of the "spirit" committed. An interpretation and opinion the holder is perfectly entitled to, but nevertheless this does not change the nature of it. It is a false interpretation based on an erroneous understanding of the nature of the "spirit" here. Yet even given this incorrect basis, there is still no logic in equating the expression "commit my spirit" with the notion of "continued existence". I can't decide if this is an evidence of blindness or an attempt to blind.    
    • Perhaps they not get to some better idea :)) Or, idea "to not be part of this world"  working only to certain level. :))
    • Nice comparison. In material sense we can compare Jesus and Widow to some level. Before, until he came to age 30 Jesus making jobs and perhaps earn some "money" ( ohhh this money issue again :))))). Was he and his family poor or "middle class" Jew people. Guess he have simple (in material way) life, modest family. How contrary in compare to nowadays religious leaders (even WT leaders about whom you hold back to make any comments)  who making big, expensive and modern worshiping centers, headquarters and handle with millions (currency).     
    • Here is another claim, “most translations incorrectly translate ekeinos as ‘He.’”   The NWT translation at John 2:21 has; “But he (Greek ekeinos) was talking about the temple of his body”.   If “spirit” [pneuma] means “an impersonal force” as claimed by sami, WHY then are actual persons also deemed pneuma in Scripture?   The only blatant departure from the rules is reading a false premise in to bible text and then constructing straw man arguments to try and maintain that false premise.
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