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Oil pressure gauge

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So I was about an hour away from home tonight and sitting at a traffic light when the engine and car lurched ever so slightly .... to the point where I wondered if the car behind me had bumped me. He didn't because I could see the distance of his headlights.

Two minutes later as I get onto the highway my heart skips a beat because I notice the oil pressure gauge reading zero. I was afraid the motor would seize up. I ended up getting off at the next exit and driving toward a mechanic shop. I met a mechanic leaving for the day and he said that it must be a sensor since the motor wasn't making any sound.

I decided to head to Jiffy Lube to get it topped off... and sure enough the engine was 2 quarts low which is normal for a Cadillac.

I drove home about 60 minutes... and it is fine.... it must be the sensor.

I need to figure out how to fix the sensor and if it an easy job or not.


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I took it to the mechanic and it was the sensor after all. They call it the oil pressure sending unit. It was bleeding voltage through the sensing circuit.

It only cost me $234.87 of which $81.54 was the actual part. Evidently it was a AC/Delco original specs part so that is good I guess.

The mechanic said it was a bit of a hassle for him to get to it. I don't blame him. It was pretty tough to get anything down in there underneath the power steering pump.

I guess it could have been worse.

I did notice similar units costing only $25-30 on amazon.... ugh.

oh... these sensors also need a special socket evidently:

Sometimes it feels as if they have us coming and going AND over the proverbial barrel simultaneously.

Smiles sheepishly.


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