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Syrian Deity. Naaman, commander of the Syrian army, after being cured of leprosy, he recognized Jehovah as the true God but expressed concern due to the fact that was to accompany the king of Syria in the temple of Rimmon and there bow down with the king before the idol of Rimmon , since the king leaned on his arm. - 2 Kings 5: 15-18.

Rimmon is generally identified with Ramman ( "roaring, thundering"), the god worshiped in Assyria and Babylonia. It has been suggested that by Assyria the worship of Rimmon (Ramman) have been successfully settled tribes or somewhere around then to Damascus. Some scholars Rimmon (Ramman) could be a simple title of the storm god Adad (Hadad). The fact that Tabrimmon and Ben-Hadad had names of kings of Syria supports the hypothesis that Hadad Rimmon, and they were the same deities, since these kings likely bore the name or title of their chief god. - 1 Kings 15:18.

The Rimmon venerated in Syria undoubtedly had much in common with Ramman. For the Assyrians, the latter was primarily the god of storm and thunder. Despite being considered the giver of rain and hence the provider of water for wells and fields, Ramman is associated mostly with the destructive aspects of rain and lightning. On the Assyrian monuments Ramman is often depicted as a god of war. He was regarded as such even in Babylon, where Ramman, the moon-god Sin and the sun-god Shamash (pictured), were one of many triads *.

* triads
The term "Christian" is not a biblical triune God is rooted in paganism. In Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia triads were in fact very common.


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