Arctic wind, hail and snow set to sweep across Britain

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On 1/15/2018 at 11:09 AM, The Librarian said:

Bundle up @Anna and @Arauna.....

Are they any others of you that will be feeling this?

Thanks Librarian! Thankfully I'm not in the uk anymore but in the usa, and the state I'm in isn't getting hit too bad. There is snow, but not too much

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Apologies for replying this late....  We only had hard winds on one day.  We normally have freezing winds in February and Match but many have agreed that this year seems to be not as bad as usual (so far).  I have been out on street work at the place we call "Gaza strip" and always dress warmly with layers of clothing, thick hat to cover the ears, thick gloves and scarf ....and  very thick coat.  With the hard wind I had to close my lips with my scarf because they were burning with dryness and cold from the wind... but it is really not as bad as it sounds if one dresses for the occasion.  We have had snow and tonight maybe again. No blizzards so far....

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