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Anti-Masturbation Training Video For Jehovah's Witnesses!

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The issue is regarding masturbation and what such a habit leads to. And yes, "it is" a growing problem, especially among younger people and young adults. Some people choose to educate and even make rules regarding masturbation because they want to better protect people from it, and those who are educated are less likely to succumb to such an addiction. Should one be affected by masturbation and pornography, there are those who are well equipped to handle with those in suffering. Just becaus

I have to say that I am utterly speechless at this. The Holy House of God must not be so holy if there is a need for this kind of video. 

So pillow fights are definitely out...

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Famous Christopher Hitchens speech where he said, 

"It is the wish to be a slave. It is the desire that there be an unalterable, unchallengeable, tyrannical authority who can convict you of thought crime while you are asleep, who can subject you to total surveillance around the clock every waking and sleeping minute of your life, before you're born and, even worse and where the real fun begins, after you're dead. A celestial North Korea. Who wants this to be true? Who but a slave desires such a ghastly fate?"


They are telling people how to SLEEP.


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With all the focus on the new anti-masturbation vide telling all Bethelites not to sleep inappropriately with a pillow, surely this has to be the very item that will send the GB into fits of despair??

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