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Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood Transfusions

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13 minutes ago, Jack Ryan said:


I think the Jews had / have a thing called 'Pikuach Nefesh, which related to 'life being at risk' and 'breaking the rules'.

And Jesus said "Which of you if your child or animal should fall into a well or pit on the Sabbath, would not pull them out ?" 

Basically saying the same as he once said "I want mercy not sacrifice" 

I don't think Jehovah meant us not to have blood when life is at risk. 

Once again, this proves to me that the GB are not 'the faithful and discreet slave'. OR, did God lie to them about the blood issue ?  And then later tell them the truth about it ? 

Come on folks think about it. Does God use these people and if so would God not make it perfectly clear what HE wants from them and  us ? 

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