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James I do not recall bringing anything else into this conversation other than lone gunman statistics.

The USA has 88% gun ownership, nearly double that of the country with the silver medal - Yemen - and there is a war there.

Just for the record again, USA has had 90 mass shootings since 1982 by lone gunmen.......it would seem that you can go down to your 'local deli' and purchase the assault rifle of your choice.

Another statistic:   "Gun related killings as a % of homicides"

1. USA - 64%

2. Canada - 30,5%

3. Australia - 13%

4. England/Wales - 4,5%

What part of "America - seen as a whole - has a violent, gun loving culture" don't you understand? 

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Your selective memory is supplemented by your subsequent opinions and commentary.

America is in fact in fact a gun loving culture. 

Freedom is never free.

The tree of liberty and freedom has to be fertilized with the blood of good men of courage, and evil people.

Unfortunately, there are also side effects.

Reality is what it is.

Get used to it.

Until Jehovah replaces this System we have to live here the way it is.

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