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Cape Town is counting down to ‘Day Zero,’ when the city’s water supply will run critically low...

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I  read,  the  last  day  will  be  in  April :(   A  very  hard  test  for  these  people !   We  await  such  a  day  around  the  earth  soon,  but  SO  fast,  thats  really  scaring. We  all  need  water  daily,  so  I  won't  imagine, when  many  countries  concerned... Its  of  sure  a  chaos  -  a  war  for  water,  around  the  world 1f625.png  The  rich  people  will  get  the  last  drops....  always  the  same !

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Perhaps the United Nations could influence the United States Army to supply dehydrated water for these poor souls.

Each sealed  plastic bucket has enough powder to make a gallon of pure fresh, crystal clear water.  You just tear off the bucket's plastic seal, and add a gallon of fresh milk.

Seriously though .... If I knew where I lived would be out of water in about a month ...I would go somewhere else where there WAS water.

Those who stare at trees for a solution do not do well.

Adapt and Improvise!

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Milk  is  not  healthy  for  our  body.....  TV  and  Press  telling  often !!   WATER  is  the  best  for  all  people !   I  mean  cow-milk  -  soy-milk,  almond-milk  or  similar,  is  okay :)  Informing  is  the  best 1f44d.png

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