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Nokia 5233 Explodes Mid-Call Killing a Teenage Girl in India

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Guest Nicole

Uma Oram, an 18-year-old girl from India, was reportedly speaking to a relative on an older Nokia 5233 when the unthinkable happened. In the middle of her conversation, Oram plugged the Nokia 5233 into an outlet to charge the battery when it exploded, ultimately killing the teenager.

Metro reported, “Uma… was knocked unconscious and suffered injuries to her hand, leg and chest, was taken to a local hospital, where she died.”

ItÂ’s possible that the battery of this particular phone had never been replaced in its eight-year lifetime. The old batteryÂ’s stress from the phone call, in addition to being charged simultaneously, seems to have been enough to ignite the aging battery.

The Nokia 5233 originally launched in 2010 and features a user-removable battery. It’s a known fact that as rechargeable batteries age, they become more susceptible to explosions and should be replaced every few years to prevent such disasters.

Amid the swarm of news in recent years involving Li-ion battery explosions, the public might question whether this catastrophe should be blamed on the manufacturer who produced it eight years ago.

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