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RUNNING TIME >>>>>>>> Jehovah is soon ready!

Queen Esther

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A  tiny  part  of  Jehovah's  UNIVERSE.....





RUNNING  TIME >>>>>>>>>>>

Today, they run after tomorrow,
The sun, running in the moon,
The terres of the whelps have no bread,
And "Death Bell" sounds!

The eye can not contain,
Stars - in precise rotations,
They do not have the last to catch,
And it generates dozens of dreams!
One day whispers another day,
By his glory Yahweh the Holy One,
They are writing from heaven, thousands of fillets,
And "proclaims" all the earth!

In the night sky, full of stars,
When his eyes do not contain everything,
"Jehovah": it is written on them,
Everything that's alive and everything that's dead!

Run into space, galaxies,
And black holes in astral dance,
All deaths for IAH are alive,
And His purpose is triumphal!

One day, to another, he whispers to them,
Glorifying to the Most High,
Christian Prayer Says,
Pass the basalt mountains!

Jehovah is "Purpose", "Glory"
'Past', 'Present' and 'Future'!
He is the life that does not die,
He is the lack of immortality!

A man whispers, another man,
From His heavenly glory,
How did nothing from atom,
How he can ever love to love!

A name that is worthy of him,
With His Holy Spirit Force,
Salvation from the world that is "dead" Those who hear the Word!

Earth, Heaven whispers:
"And the stars obey him!
His Glory is what it is,
Eternally spring up everlasting!

The High Mountains that grow up
You've been snowing since past years
Just about Yahweh speaks to us:
, Jehovah! "- writes on their foreheads

And on the project to the whole earth,
The footnote reads:
"He Who Becomes" by the Word,
Too much dream Paradise!

The beating of the heart whispers,
In the chest of any Christian:
"Jehovah is He Who Is,
And What Happens Ones! "

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A  tiny  part  of  Jehovah's  UNIVERSE..... RUNNING  TIME >>>>>>>>>>> Today, they run after tomorrow, The sun, running in the moo

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