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"College Is on Us"—Walmart

Jack Ryan

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Walmart (+2.07%) rolled out a plan to help fund its employees' college tuition, books, and fees. 

For just $1 a day, Walmart employees will be able to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in Business or Supply Chain Management, or pursue a minor in yodeling. 

  • Which schools? The University of Florida, Brandman University, and Bellevue University (go Bruins!)—colleges that specialize in adult learning. 
  • Why it's a big deal: With 1.4 million workers, Walmart is the largest private U.S. employer. And as you might have heard...it doesn't have a great reputation for how it treats employees. 

But it can't afford that reputation anymore 

Unemployment is below 4%, which means companies are in a giant rugby scrum for qualified workers. 

What that looks like IRL: Employers are pulling out all the stops (raising the minimum wage, expanding parental leave, tuition reimbursement) to attract and retain qualified workers.

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The higher the employee turnover rate ... the more $1.00 contributions will be forfeited ... TO WALMART.

It's like if you have a term life insurance policy for ten years ... and then stop paying the premiums.

You bet them you were going to actually die ... and their bet was that you would NOT die.

They get to keep ALL THE MONEY!

My guess is that only 3% of the people enrolled in the program will actually take the classes .... while they are active WalMart employees.

This "benefit" ... is actually a lucrative profit center.


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