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Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, defending their private jets

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    • By Queen Esther
      ( By  our  older  Brother  Roger B. Elder )
      THE  TELEVISION  PREACHERS have made million and millions of dollars off the backs of poor folks, ignorant of what God's word actually says. They spread and repeat over and over the same simple lie....
      Here is the lie....
      All one has to do to be saved, and achieve everlasting life in heaven is to say that one believes in Jesus Christ,  and that they have accepted Jesus into their "hearts."NOTHING  COULD  BE  FURTHER  FROM  THE  TRUTH !
      While duping the poor people out of their money,  these so called preachers live a rich lifestyle....  amassing huge estates ~~~ and become best friends with powerful politicians...  and when they die,  the news media eulogizes them over and over..... Nothing these "so called"  preachers say or do matches up, with what Jesus Christ did or said!
      Here is the truth of the matter.....  The road to life is a difficult road,  not an easy road.  Those traveling on the road to life are constantly trying their best to imitate Jesus....
      They preach the Kingdom message,  just as Jesus did!  They do not get involved with politics....  imitating Jesus.  They do not learn war any more....  imitating Jesus. They worship the same Almighty God that Jesus worships....  Jehovah God!
      They pray to the same Almighty God that Jesus prays to!
      SATAN  AND  THE  DEMONS  are believers....  and they shudder when they think about it!   SEE  James 2:19.
      Thank  you,  dear  Brother  Elder
      MATTHEW  10 : 8
      8 Cure the sick, raise up the dead, make lepers clean, expel demons.  You received free,  give free ~~~
      Televangelists have been mass-media fixtures since the 1970s, when preachers retooled their messages to link Christian beliefs with a materialistic pursuit of wealth. However, getting a detailed account of most TV preachers' salaries has often been elusive, since many of these organizations release little or no financial data. The picture that has emerged is pieced together from accounts of lavish lifestyles, homes and book deals, with many television preachers netting tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.
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    • By The Librarian
      WAGES: Did you know Jesus nor the Apostles were paid/ wage for their time? And none of Jehovahs Witnesses, the Governing Body, Elders, and Servants or Circuit Overseers none are paid a wage.
    • By The Librarian
      Hard to believe that he will probably get it.....
    • By The Librarian
      What percentage of children in Bolivia can purchase an iPad?
      I remember years ago adapting to the country I would visit by NOT making a "showy display of one's means of life"
      How is this an appropriate way to teach the world's poorest children to read, write and learn about the Bible?
      Jesus could have easily created a 3D holographic display of the heavenly realms for all to see in Jerusalem... But did he?
      Just because we CAN make great cartoons that entertain children... is that our true purpose?
      Did Jesus say "for this I came into the world to show cartoons to children"?
      We should spend more time teaching the Bible AND caring for their physical needs rather than be known as the new "Hi Tech" rich people that wander the earth showing first world PIXAR cartoons about the Bible to children.
      Just me venting tonight.....
      Can you tell I am in a cantankerous mood tonight.... UGH!!!

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