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What Will Happen To All The Children At Armageddon?

Jack Ryan

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Will God kill billions of children?

That's what I was raised to believe, and in really horrible ways according to the pictures in the magazines and books.  

@Jack Ryan.... WHAT  A  PERVERSE  QUESTION  ABOUT  OUR  CREATOR  JEHOVAH   GOD !     BETTER,  study  the  Bible  (again..)  perhaps  then  you  know  this  answer  >>>&

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Special JW people maybe perverse....  bec. very  imperfect !!


Imagine, what ALL HE created....   All idea's, all talks coming from imperfect JW !


Your comment about Jehovah is a big  LIE !!!!

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@Jack Ryan  I  know  these  topic  for  QUESTIONS !     I  understand  &  answer....

While  we  go  preaching  and  some  people  have  such  of  weird  questions,  we  try  to  answer  what  the  Bible  is  saying !    When  the  person  not  will  change  that  kind  of  questions,  we  say  thanks  and  take  our  time  for  more  interested  people.  So  we  learned  it  and  thats  the  best  solution !

Normal  is,  ALL  true  JW  hate  such  of  questions  against  our  loving  Creator,   bec. ~  *Jehovah   IS   Love*  1. John  4:8 1f64f.png1f495.png


The  time  of  Noah  was  another  reason,  we  all  know  that :(

8 Whoever does not love has not come to know God,  because God is love.

I  don't  know,  if  YOU  understand  my  answer ??   I  hope  it....

Many  greetings  from  my  home - Country  Germany :)

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@Jack Ryan  I  wrote  about  Noah's  time  and  the  especially  reason,  ALL  people,  except  Noah  &  family,  8 persons  and  the  special  animals....

Should  you  reach  the  paradise,  ask  Jehovah  himself  personal,  bec. then  HE  will  again  talk  to  HIS  loving  folk,  like  it  was  by  Adam & Eve 1f601.png

When  its  SO  importend  for  you, then  do  it !

Why  HE  should  kill  billions  of  Babies  during  Armageddon?  The  Babies  have  parents !  Jehovah  will  MORE  people  save  as  you're  able  to  think !

HE  has  HIS  perfect  plan,   nobody  can  stop  HIM !! 

Btw.  its  all  said  for  me  now.  Thanks !

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@Queen Esther  All you had to do was say nothing. Since you yourself admit you do not know.

Or simply say: "I don't think so"

Why do you write paragraphs?

In the end my question still stands. He did in the past and we are told he will do so in the future by the Governing Body.

You are the only one who "thinks" that he won't because he is "loving"

Was he "loving" to the baby who drowned in his mother's arms during the Flood of Noah's Day?

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