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I was about 12 when it dawned on me  that since Jesus prayed to God  he was not God.Hfe was the Son of God and served Jehovah on earth. What a fine example for us.

In Mathew 24 is a prophecy about preaching the good news worldwide. Only Jehovah
Witnesses are doing this in over 120 lands in over 930 languages. No one else if even close.

The many sushi workers  at the supermarkets speak Chin, a form of Burmese. My wife gets copies  of the magazines in Chin and only JWs are concerned enough to cover this remote language.

When missionaries are sent, only JWs learn the  local language and help the local ones learn the Truth.,
The others speak English which reminds people of the  Colonial rule of the British. What a blessing to be a Jehovah's Witness   today. and share in the preaching of the Good News all over,.

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