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Schoolkids taking an AK-47 assembly exam in Russia

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I would imagine that these are young men (boys) in a military school ... and although these are in Russia, there are MANY military schools for young men (and young women) here in the United States. 

In times of insurrection and civil war, even the children fight.

I am from Virginia, and there are many military schools in Virginia, as I am sure there are in almost every State.

It all depends on what ideas you were exposed to as you were growing up, as to whether certain concepts are natural to you, or foreign to you. 

I spent many a summer swimming in muddy farm ponds ... but my wife  considers them to be a bacteria soup, and will not consider such a thing.  I think of them as "swimmin' holes", and at worst, free vaccinations.

When my oldest son was five years old, I taught him to shoot a .38 caliber pistol, and he could hit "center mass" at 15 yards.

When my youngest son was 19, I taught him how to take a handgun away from a person who had it aimed directly at a person's head, and he was horrified ... he thought having such a skill was a demonic art.

None of my children share my interests in such things, but none of them are scared of the IDEA of such things.

I have not seen the movie in somewhere around 40 years, but if memory serves, the movie "TAPS", will give you an overview of what it is like in the VERY common and international world of Military Schools.

In this world, the fact of the matter is ... sheep cannot survive without those who are sheep dogs, and are willing to put themselves in harms way and if necessary die ... to protect the sheep. 

It is what they do .. it is who they are.

You and I live and breathe, and avoid tyranny and slavery ... ONLY ... because there are kind and gentle men who are competent in defending you and I against all enemies.

... an incompetent defense ... IS NO DEFENSE AT ALL.



PS: I just checked ... the full movie TAPS is available free, on Youtube.




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Before 1934, here in the United States, any child could buy ( ..it was legal ..) a water cooled, tripod mounted,  50 caliber machine gun and ammo, BY MAIL.

There were NO "school shootings".

Remember that before King David was King David ... he was a soldier in hand-to-hand combat with a sword. 

Back then, they did not take scalps to keep count of the enemies killed ... they cut off the ends of their penises.   David's idea of a present to his wife was a box of such war trophies.

Yet .... David ... was beloved by Jehovah God .... even covered with the blood and gore of his enemies.

... it all depends on what ideas you are USED to considering.

Most people need "to get out more".


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