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Olympia Jehovah's Witnesses Hall heavily damaged in suspicious fire

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OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Olympia Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses was heavily damaged in an overnight fire that investigators are calling suspicious.

Firefighters say the fire at the hall at 2225 Cain Road Southeast was called in at 3:07 a.m. Tuesday. 

Investigators are trying to determine how it started.

A person of interest was picked up by officers about eight blocks from the hall. Police say he had soot on his hands but it is not yet known if he is a witness or a suspect.

The fire is the second at the place of worship this year.  In March, a fire was started on an exterior wall there with the use of an accelerant, like gasoline, according to investigators.

In that fire, Olympia police released surveillance video of the arsonist setting the fire, in the hope that someone would recognize him.  No one was arrested.

A second fire at a Jehovah Witnesses Hall in Tumwater was also deemed arson earlier this year.

Police said the person of interest in Tuesday's fire does not match the description of the person who set fire to the same hall in March.

No injuries were reported.


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Elders have received numerous emails/letters about not listening to news unless its straight from JW.org.

No big deal right? WRONG

its apparently SO BAD that am Elder in a nearby congregation said HE DIDN'T BELIEVE THE KINGDOM HALL IN WASHINGTON HAD BURNT DOWN because it was only on worldly sources like CNN and not JW.org... seriously.

He said he wont trust it until he sees it on JW.org.

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