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Abel: How old when killed?

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When Able was killed he was 126 years old. How do I know this? I do not have the slightest idea. Not even a hint of the smell of a clue. .... and since the Bible does not say .... I strongly suspect anybody elses WAG would carry equal weight.

*** Insight volume 1, p. 15 Abel *** Since Seth was evidently born shortly after Abel’s death and when Adam was 130 years of age, it is possible that Abel may have been as much as 100 years old at the time of his martyrdom.—Ge 4:25; 5:3.

HGH you say ....Hmmmm... I have been feeling a little poorly lately. When I munch on a bowl of nails, the sparks don't shoot out as far as they used to .....

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I am trying to come to a reasonable conclusion concerning Cain, Abel and Seth. We know they are mentioned by name in the bible.  But, that does not necessarily mean they were the first three males born to Adam and Eve.  Why, my reasoning goes this way.  Seth, was born when Adam was 130 years old (Gen 5:3).  God blessed them (Adam and Eve) and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number" (Gen 1:28).  So, I will postulate, that Seth and Abel and there also had to have been sisters born rather quickly in order for this population of the earth to happen.  So, again, I will postulate they were born within the first year after Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and banished from Eden.  I will further postulate that in the beginning Eve was giving birth to more than one child at a time, by that I mean twins, triplets or even more as rapidly as her body was able to recover from pregnancies.  Either Cain and Abel were twins or perhaps quadruplets with other sisters born at the same time and Eve continued to have children (males and females) as quickly as possible to fulfill Gods command (Gen 1:28) or they were born within a year or so of each other. So, let me pause here and entertain the following.  Lets, again postulate, that in those days of beginnings, God made them very fertile and with remarkable health to be able to conceive at a rather accelerated pace especially in the beginning.  Lets get back to the "be fruitful and increase in number" (Gen 1:28).  To further this command, they had to lie with their sisters to accomplish this.  So, lets say both males and females bodies were fertile by the age of 10 and able to conceive.  Now we get into the years numbers.  If we assume Cain and Abel were a set of quadruplets with two (2) sisters also born at the same time we can say Cain and Abel were able to have children at the age of ten.  Also during those ten years, Adam and Eve were still having more children.  So, I have Cain and Abel's first born having children at their age 10 (their first grandchildren).  They (Cain and Abel) were 20 years of age.  I am trying to establish the population growth which is needed to establish what would happen later when Abel was killed and Cain banished to the land of Nod.  There had to have been a passage of time between their (Cain and Abel) birth and when Cain killed Abel.  We know that " Abel kept flocks and Cain worked the soil" ( Gen 4:2).  The bible uses the term "in the course of time" ( Gen 4:3).  How much time is this? How old were they, did they already have a family of their own.  Remember I said perhaps they could have been 10 years of age when they had their first born, were they already at work in the fields and tending flocks? or perhaps more time elapsed between those events happening. Again consider the passage of time.  When Cain and Abel took the fruit of their labor and presented them to God.  God found favor with Abel's offering but not on Cain's (Gen 4:4-5)  Which led to Cain murdering Abel because he was angry at God.  This brings me to the population aspect of all this.  When God inquired as to Abel whereabouts and He knew what Cain had done.  God banished him and Cain was concerned that he would be killed when others (his siblings) found out that which he had done.  This is where my population growth theory comes in.  There had to have been a certain number of years for this to have happen.  Adam and Eve family grew quickly while this "in the course of time" (Gen 4:3) was happening in order for Cain to fear for his life.  There were no other humans, they were the first.  Adam and Eve populated the earth and their children grew so quickly that they had to have run out of room where they were at so they left to populate other places on earth. This is why, in my opinion, Cain feared for his life.  At one time or another he  would be  coming in contact with his other sibling and perhaps even Abel's children which they all  would have grown to adult hood.  So,  in my opinion, I don't see how Eve in those 130 years when Seth was born she would not have had other males born to her.  She could not have had only females.  She could not have stopped having children since God had commanded they be fruitful and subdue the earth (Gen 1:28)  Where the bible names Cain, Abel and Seth they, in my opinion, were not born in that succession.  In other words numbers 1-2-3 and no others.  In your responses please be as grammatically accurate as you can so all can have a good understanding as to the replies.  God Bless You,  yours in Christ,  Manny.

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On 9/25/2018 at 9:13 PM, christian patriot 1 said:

Where the bible names Cain, Abel and Seth they, in my opinion, were not born in that succession.  In other words numbers 1-2-3 and no others.

Interesting concept I haven't thought of before. 

And also the wondering of how many other subsequent? brothers and sisters were interbreeding for the next couple of centuries. 

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In the account of sexual encounters, Moses writes of only those which produces life; which is why there is sexual intercourse, right? Adam had sex while in the garden and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. And to think that each encounter would produce a life, even while perfect is again foolish, since the body will now work perfectly; the sperm is introduced the egg also, but does that mean birth? NO! Eve would have her cycle and they would try again. The one thing they had then we do not have now is--TIME. No hurry! No need for twins or triplets and such! Eternity stood before them, those things are indeed imperfections! One child at a time. But what many do not do when they read this account, is could Eve have had girls first before sons? Cain being her firstborn SON? YET THERE COULD HAVE BEEN 2-3 SISTERS before his birth. And Moses is only writing about those involved in the account, that dos NOT mean other children are not alive or around, like a scene in a movie; focused on the scene presented, not the background. So Abel and his family lived and prospered, Cain may not have done so yet. The account said that "in time" she gave birth to Cain; the KJV reads "I have gotten a man from the LORD." So could Eve have been tired of all the females before Cain? Needing Jehovah's help? Never think the women came later, you will lose the truth of what went on during those times, of what Moses was writing about.

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