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“Color and Physiognomy.....a man whose nose upturns can no more be expected to administer justice than a pug dog can be expected to act as a shepherd.”
The Golden Age January 19, 1921 pg. 224


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@Jack Ryan (July 8 2018) "Only the servants in Egypt were black?"

Legitimate question and may well be asked by children using My Book of Bible Stories.

Speaking of this matter in ancient Egypt, Wikipedia states:

The use of cosmetics differed. Everything in Egypt was changed slightly between social classes, where more make-up was worn by higher class individuals, as wealthier individuals could afford more make-up. Although there was no prominent difference between the cosmetics styles of the upper and lower class, noble women were known to pale their skin using creams and powders.This was due to pale skin being a sign of nobility as lighter skin meant less exposure to the sun whereas dark skin was associated with the lower class who tanned while taking part in menial labor such as working in the fields. Thus, paler skin represented the non-working noble class, as noble women would not work in the sun.

The BBC news website highlights this as a continuing UK issue in the report of 6 August 2018, headlined:

Skin-whitening creams: The battle against illegal products



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