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Jack Ryan

Jehovah's Witnesses Hierarchical View of Everyone

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In case any of you were wondering where you "ranked" in the eyes of JW's worldwide.... this is what has been observed as general guidelines from people that have actually lived as a JW in the last few decades:

Let's start at the very top classes here on earth of actual PEOPLE or GROUPS:


"Faithful and Discreet Slave" - Now only the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses below - Removed

Anointed Ones - Removed

The Governing Body

Watchtower Attorneys (Brothers who are Attorneys or Doctors) (They get invited to live at Bethel at the expense of "the flock")

Committee Members

"Bethel Elders"

District Overseers - Gone....

Circuit Overseers (wives are slightly exalted)   

Bethelites are in this general area depending on age and job description.... (Bethelite women? That was invented decades ago for them to have wives at Bethel.....then somewhere along the line they allowed some "holier than thou" single sisters in Bethel if they were RN's.... they didn't stay single long though due to a pillow shortage at Bethel one year.)  But this oddity has shown up in recent years. Most JW's don't know how to deal with a single female bethelite since she is obviously trying to climb this ranking list.

Missionaries (Gilead Graduates) (wives are exalted)

Pioneer Elders (no bonus more than the elder's wife bonus)

RBC Elder (Now LDC member) (no bonus for wife....she never sees husband LOL)

Elders (and ranks among them)  Presiding Overseer..... Gone


Watchtower Study Conductor (this title USED to mean something)

Theocratic Ministry School Overseer (this old title used to mean something)

Service Overseer (used to be the "pioneer elder above" often enough)

Non-Pioneer Elder

Pioneer Ministerial Servants

Ministerial Servants


Unbaptized Male Publishers

Regular Pioneer Sisters

Auxiliary Pioneer Sisters

Sisters (married)

Regular Pioneer single sister

Auxiliary Pioneer single sister

Single sisters

Sisters who speak

Sisters who try to teach

Sisters who are educated with a career

Unbaptized Female Publishers

JW Children

Non-JW Children of JW's

-------- Armageddon Survival Line -------- (if you are near this line your survival at Armageddon is in the "gray area")

Billions of innocent babies.... (well not innocent... they are baby vipers who should be killed along with the other heathens)

Worldly children...


People with tattoos


Male Homosexuals


Soldiers (Veterans)

Buddhist monks

Catholic Priests

The Pope



Younger disfellowshipped people (crime was "immorality" which can be understood by most since they all masturbate and feel guilty afterward)

Disfellowshipped (former brothers and sisters)

Apostates who don't like the JW ranking system.

Olin Moyle

Ray Franz




Did I miss someone or a rank? 😁


@TrueTomHarley They should try being inclusive ...no need to track or keep records on people.

Instead they have setup an "exclusive" system with ranks even amongst themselves.

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I forgot to include JW Celebrities.... Where should I place them? Hmmm


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What hierachy? What madness! Not scriptural.  Remember the widow? Jesus said she put in more than the others.  Unless Jehovah and Jesus don't matter.  Elijah thought only he was serving God but God said he had 7000 that did not bow down to Baal. Same today.



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@Melinda Mills You are a sister... preaching? LOL.... and that is what Jesus taught.... to not judge.

This post is how JW's are taught to view everyone with their propaganda.

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@JackRyan get real man! (I think?)

Surely this is how you view everyone? You posted it!

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    • By Noble Berean
      This is veering off the 1975 discussion, but I never suggested God places higher value on certain individuals because of status. That's contrary to everything he stands for. I am suggesting that humans have placed higher importance on themselves.
      You said that there isn't a hierarchy in the organization, and that's not true. The R&F phrase is used by the organization to describe publishers at the bottom of the organizational pyramid. It isn't used to describe those at the top. And JWs at the bottom of the pyramid have no right to question the direction of those at the top, because they do not have the special capacity to interpret the Bible for themselves. JWs rely on the GB to get a proper understanding of the Bible. They have definitive authority on Bible understanding.
      So, there is a disparity between R&F JWs and the specially chosen ones. If everyone was truly equal, wouldn't we all be able to interpret the Bible for ourselves? That idea is actually discouraged in the organization.
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