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9 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

It's probably giving you too many hints, but .... now you know the REAL reason the Society's Headquarters were moved from New York City ....

In short, I'd find you a video source that is somewhat PG, but that is hard to come by as things are brewing up, but some brief information and some key players will be mentioned and noted below, in the best way I can:

Q is in regards to a collection of people and key players in this political threatre that is at play here.

I have only spent brief time on this whole Q thing an I know Q has nothing to do with them, in fact, Q might rough them up if that were the case. Q is in connection with the ones who call themselves ANTIFA, as well as the whole feud with Leftist and The Right, it also has anything and everything to do with those among this such groups to side with Trump and a list of others such as White Supremacist, The Feminist, the Militia Groups, and a whole list of other things who all stem from a single root and will end up doing the exact same thing they did at Berkeley and in Virginia.

For your sake wherever you see a punkster in all black with a black mask (turn around, walk really fast, perhaps flee elsewhere), do not stick around for if they flock in numbers, they will call you a fascist and or a Nazi, a pedophile, a trump supporter, a support of the Shadow government, a counter protester, someone from either side [left or right], etc. and will attempt to provoke you be it you say or do something or not and when they take surround you, it is too late. You even look at them funny and they will see that as a sign to attack, and they show no mercy til they see blood. These guys can't fight alone and never will fight alone that is why it is a hazard if they gang up on you.

Granted these guys are not the best of fighters, do not stick around to find out because such ones carry weapons like bats, bars and other things to assault you.

There is also more talk about Civil War again, and the whole ordeal with Alex Jones being banned and that angering people

So technically small sparks of Proud Boys vs. ANTIFA around the US in some rallies, the same can be said elsewhere in the EU which includes a collection of other groups and people, which only come around when a protest is active, which results in protesters vs. counter-protesters and as always the mainstream media like CNN and others TWIST the information in order to be in full support of one side.

It's literally a war on earthen soil, but not done by known enemies, it is being done by people who live in the states and or country of that nation.

we see

ANTIFA (Far Left)


    Hello guest!



The Proud Boys (Far Right)


    Hello guest!



TINY (Far Right)


    Hello guest!



White Supremacist


    Hello guest!

Again, I have not dived deep into the whole Q business, so I am aware of the basic surface stuff. Usually I go more in-depth with research only if something has gone out of control and or needs to be fact checked.


The only person missing from the whole House Party is Yvette Felarca, for the last I have heard of her, be being very critical of this she-devil, crazed dragon lady, she was sent to jail and is a disgraced English and History teacher at the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, and is the leader of a foolish group of mischievous and violent goons known as By Any Means Necessary" otherwise known as BAMN.

I think the rumors are true, she is out of jail, but I have yet to see her crawl out of the crevess of a cave she comes out of.

Do not let her face fool you, she is crazed, wild and evil, so it is no question she will be another pawn of Q's table chess war games.


    Hello guest!

Yvette's Nemesis is a homosexual guy by the name of Milo Yiannopoulos


    Hello guest!

It is a mad house, technically.

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1 hour ago, Space Merchant said:

For your sake wherever you see a punkster in all black with a black mask (turn around, walk really fast, perhaps flee elsewhere), do not stick around for if they flock in numbers, they will call you a fascist and or a Nazi, a pedophile, a trump supporter, a support of the Shadow government, a counter protester, someone from either side [left or right], etc. and will attempt to provoke you be it you say or do something or not and when they take surround you, it is too late.

I like to think that anywhere within 100 ft. of me is a "Safe Space"  for all well intentioned people.

The people you mention are stupid, yet can inspire great fear in others ... hence your valid and appreciated warning to people in general, and to me.

If these very bad people  were smart, they would not be so easily identifiable ... as potential targets.

( Where do they buy those clothes, anyway .. "Terrorists-R-US"?)

When a uniformed Nazi shows up in an Indiana Jones movie,  who the bad guys are is obvious to all without explanation.

Again, thanks for the heads up.

The likelihood of me, or ANYBODY running into them here in rural North Carolina approaches zero probability ... but they are bullies, and EXPECT to prey on the weak, the unprepared, and the timid.

I would find anything they "called" me laughable ... and if faced with people in black suits trying to provoke me,  and with their history so well known,  despite a normal fear of death or grievous injury, I just might break into a big toothy grin and surprise them.

It would "make my day"!

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."  - Ambrose Redmoon

EVERYONE is evolving.

Like Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy reportedly once wrote in his diary  or said after  his Carrier Group bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941,

"I fear all that we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve".

I suspect that if these "movements" of bad guys, by whatever name,  tried to pull in parts of the American Southeast, what they are doing in "Blue" States, Europe and other disarmed countries, their "movements" .... would be bowel.


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@James Thomas Rook Jr. Anytime. For me I learn to be very cautious. That Yvette woman I saw her in person once surrounded by her people, for people like her attack first and claim you are a Nazi, hopefully she is still in jail but rumors of her being out is being talked about, but there are others who take her examples and many who would go crazy, and it won't end anytime soon.

My only hope it that it does not lead to another death as it did in Virginia an the very fact the United Nations attempt to deal with the first amendment because of it. Although I am not a fan of politicians, if the UN did do something to the 1st amendment that would prove devastating to a lot of people and cause an uproar, as it nearly did back in the Charlottesville incident in Virginia. 

But yeah, I guess because of your comment now I would have to go do the research and find the deeper truth of this matter.Better to know that be unaware and be caught off guard.

To quote the words of a good person I know who still to this day is effect by the whole 9/11 event: Safety and security is that of like placebo effect, for even in your own home, you are not safe.

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My comments had no deep meaning. 

Merely that if someone is trying to kill you ... kill them first!

That of course involves  not getting surprised .... and being capable of doing it.

...and some pure dumb luck!

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    • I wish the same.... I also wish someone could explain what the difference was between what happened in Malawi versus what happened in Mexico. But this is completely off topic here. I apologize @TrueTomHarley but this is JTR's fault, he started it
    • There is a lot of turmoil in Gonzalez's country of Nicaragua. And the local hero has become a villain to some fans back home, because of his support for the Nicaraguan President. Fuentes plans to show his support for the people of Nicaragua by carrying the country's flag to the ring on fight night. "I have heard that that there is no money and no employment, that there is tyranny in Nicaragua, in the same manner that it was present in Mexico at a certain moment. It was difficult here, that is why I understand the people of Nicaragua. I know there are killings. How hard it must be for a country with six million inhabitants and so many have disappeared. I hope to God to win the fight and dedicate the triumph to the people of Nicaragua," Fuentes said. "I know they are having a hard time, that the government is hard. I understand the situation that they are now living in, that's why I'm with Nicaragua. Roman comes from the bottom, he knows what the shortcomings are and despite that he does not support the people of Nicaragua, but instead he's in favor of the President and the (para) military that is mistreating the people. I think Roman is a Christian and I think God is going to charge him the bill. "God gives you a talent, offers opportunities and accommodates fights, but when you do wrong God scolds you, because he knows how to reprimand. I think Roman has done wrong with turning away from his people and instead being in favor of the Government for their personal benefits. I accumulated 600 messages in the last two days. People [from Nicaragua] are writing to me: 'Moses we are with you,' 'Moses do not leave us alone, put the flag of Nicaragua up high.' Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • I lived through that time too, but I did not pay a lot of attention to it as I was too young.  However, a friend helped me to dig up a WT from 1975 that seems to make a distinction between an oath binding one to a person, and an oath to a country. Here are a few excerpts: ......."Thoughtful Christians weigh the matter in the light of Bible principles before taking any sworn oath. In doing so, they find that some oaths are Scripturally unacceptable. For example, in the days of the Third Reich, every German soldier was required to take this oath: “I swear by God this holy oath that I shall render unconditional obedience to the Führer of the German Reich and people, Adolf Hitler, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and that as a brave soldier I shall be prepared at all times to risk my life for this oath.” A person dedicated to Almighty God cannot bind himself unconditionally to a sinful human, for Jehovah exacts “exclusive devotion.”...........Hence, despite severe persecution, faithful Christian witnesses of Jehovah in Germany would take no oaths binding them to Adolf Hitler...... ..........A true Christian, then, would not take an oath that would involve him in the controversies of the world or that would subject him unquestioningly to the will of another human. But what if a nation required that such an oath be taken by those desiring to become citizens? Could a person dedicated to God take an oath of that kind with mental reservations, reasoning that sex, age or other factors would make it unlikely that what had been sworn would ever be required? The individual must decide, but it would not be Christian to make a false oath of any kind, even if refusal to do so resulted in being denied the rights of citizenship......... ........A citizen of the United States of America who desires to travel abroad will find the following oath on a passport application: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations, or purpose of evasion: So help me God.” If an applicant finds this objectionable, he is permitted to strike this oath from the passport application, and he will not be denied the document on that basis"........... Awake 1975/7/22 page 27-28 Interestingly this was written during the presidency of Nathan Knorr.  edit: In addition this is what the proclaimers book  ch 29, page 674 had to say: In Malawi, there is only one political party, and possession of a party card indicates membership. Although the Witnesses are exemplary in paying their taxes, in harmony with their religious beliefs, they decline to buy political party cards. To do so would be a denial of their faith in God’s Kingdom. Because of this, late in 1967, with the encouragement of government officials, gangs of youths throughout Malawi launched an all-out attack on Jehovah’s Witnesses that was unprecedented in its obscenity and sadistic cruelty. Over a thousand devout Christian women were raped. Some were stripped naked before large mobs, beaten with sticks and fists, and then sexually assaulted by one person after another. Nails were driven through the feet of the men and bicycle spokes through their legs, and then they were ordered to run. Throughout the country their homes, furniture, clothing, and food supplies were destroyed. Bellow are the translated contents of the card. I cannot verify the correctness of the translation as I do not speak Chichewa     Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
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