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Jack Ryan

The Book of Deuteronomy and Massacres Where God Did Not Spare Children

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@Jack Ryan And yet the same passages direct you to a conclusion of why this is so. Why stop at one verse, when you can continue to figure it all out? For instance, elsewhere in the Torah, there was a time God commanded Moses to do what he had to do because it was for vengeance and of those not cursed and the like, an there are other things and examples.

If you want to be specific, by all means please do, for some of these Gotcha Questions tend to be in full force at Hyde for years now, for some of us, we are not as fazed, and you can use ANY translations of your choice.

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No country on Earth considers warfare to be murder.

If I was at war, and had to kill ten thousand parents, I could see the necessity of killing the children also ... as the army I was in would become babysitters instead of soldiers. 

... and babysitters of children who would be trying to kill me and my soldiers, and later in wreck vengeance on my and their children.

If you have to "play that game"   ... those are the rules.

August 6, and August 9, 1945, the United States of America burned to death somewhere around 50,000 civilian children with two atomic bombs, and horribly maimed tens of thousands more.

War is a rough  game to play .....

The only way for a Christian to win ... is NOT PLAY.

Jehovah God had different rules for the Jews.



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Immorality outside of adhering to the direct commandments and underlying principles of those direct commandments is not "galactic standards morality".  It is local or personal preference.

Snowflakes think different than Warriors.

Children think different than adults.

Everybody decides what their own morality will be ... and it can be based on their own standards, or any standards.

August  6, 1945 the United States Government burned to death about 80 thousand  men, women, children and babies, one morning before noon, and three days later, August 9, 1945, burned to death another 30 thousand men, women and children and babies on another sunny morning.

Those not instantly killed lingered in agony with little or no medical care and over the next four months  approximately 100 thousand more Japanese died of their injuries sustained on those two mornings.

When civilization and liberty or tyranny is in the balance, Jack Ryan's sentiments expressed by proxy closely imitate the thought processes  of a petulant, child who has no concept of the big picture. 

May I suggest to ANYONE getting the "Big Picture", and start thinking like an adult.

Destroying the Empire of Japan's ability to wage war against the United States necessitated the deaths and torture to  death by injury,  of perhaps a quarter-million total Japanese, including infants, with two Atomic Bombs. 

That does not even count those who survived and were maimed for life.

In this theater of war, approximately 400 to 600 Americans died in this effort, most from radiation poisoning.

The alternative was to accomplish the same ends  (winning the war, and unconditional surrender of the Empire of Japan) with, based on experience in battle,  4 million Japanese killed, and 1 million American deaths in battle.

The destruction of the Japanese Empire actually freed the Japanese as well from a millennium of tyranny by their own internal Bushido code based Imperial government.  Women were treated like animals. Men were treated like slaves.

Grow up people!

Start thinking like an ADULT.

What Jehovah did in Egypt thousands of years ago, was justified, and in the best interests of all parties involved ...  a whole NATION OF GOD'S PEOPLE was freed from slavery, oppression, mistreatment and tyranny .... but like any dramatic cancer surgery ... there is a bill that has to be paid.

There is no other way .



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@James Thomas Rook Jr. True, even as we speak, children are still being oppressed, abused, killed and or turned into trained killers, etc. US allies are still helping out when such is only a front for aiding an extremist group, hence why what I said before about the Jaysh Al-Islam.

That being said, it will only get worse as the days go on by, and the so called world powers will drive themselves into problems that they cannot fix, for they have not done so much fixing as it is, for whatever they touch it is like unleashing a plague.

The powers that be have many, many cards up their sleeves, some of which we have yet to see be placed on the table.

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