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Navy hero: I did not kill my wife with weedkiller

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Speaking at the hearing, Valerie’s family described her as a “happy little old lady”.

Daughter Alexandra Harpin, 58, said: “She liked to talk to people, and she was a very active Jehovah’s Witness until the last five to six years prior to her death.

“She was just a normal mother, but at times she was a frightened person.

“She feared certain things but never disclosed what it was.

“There was nothing wrong with her mental state at all. Every time I saw her she was fine.”

Robert McIntyre was not present at the inquest. Since then he has been the subject of Chinese whispers on the estate that has been home for 22 years.

He told the Sunday Mercury: “I have been put through a lot of hell. What has been done to me is horrendous, but I’ve already forgiven them.”

Now he says that bereavement, groundless accusations and the long wait to clear his name have finally taken their toll. He is leaving.

“I’m moving,” he said. “I’ve just had enough of the harassment.”


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