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YouTube is Down!

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We need answers!

In the meantime you can upload your videos here as an alternative. :D

Take care everyone.

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YouTube is experiencing a major outage. Users across the world started to notice that the video service’s sites and mobile apps were down around 9:20pm ET, and everything remains inaccessible more than an hour later. YouTube TV and Youtube Music are also affected by the service disruption.

As with all Google-operated services, serious downtime for YouTube is pretty rare. YouTube TV did suffer service interruption at an inopportune time during this summer’s World Cup, however, and channel pages went down for a while in April. Perhaps most infamously, Pakistan’s government accidentally caused an hours-long global YouTube blackout a decade ago by attempting to censor a trailer for an anti-Islamic film.

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Ok. It appears to be back up now... Phew!  The world seemed to be holding their collective breath there for a moment....  :o

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It was only temporary, but it did cause people to freak out. Although when it id happen no warning was issued.

But hey, at least it gave people sometime to take a break.... or at least I thought when there is other forms of media present and video games left and right. There should be a day when everything shuts down for a good hour.

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